Make a Better Trail Mix by Adding Just One of These 15 Ingredients

updated May 1, 2019
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Trail mix is meant for far more than long hikes. It’s meant for car rides, 3 p.m. hanger, long flights, and late-night snacking — just to name a few. It’s the ultimate snack for nearly any situation, which means it shouldn’t simply be a sad mix of raisins and peanuts. Toss in just one of these 15 additions to jazz up this well-loved snack.

Bring the Heat

One ingredient is all it takes to spice things up.

1. Wasabi Peas

Little green peas coated in wasabi are sure to not only add crunch, but also give your trail mix serious heat.

2. Candied Ginger

The sugar coating balances ginger’s spice, but it still most definitely has a kick.

Think Sweet

Take trail mix to dessert territory with chocolate candy or dried fruit.

3. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Just a handful will add a jolt of caffeine and really keep you going.

4. Mini Peanut Butter Cups

You know you’re always tempted to buy a bag while you’re waiting in the grocery checkout line — here’s your excuse.

5. Kettle Corn

When trail mix meets country fair — it’s sweet, salty, and hard to put down.

6. Dried Pineapple

Raisins are boring, but chopped-up dried pineapple is not.

7. Colorful Mini Marshmallows

Sure, sometimes trail mix is intended to be the responsible choice, but more often than not, it’s really just a treat. Mini marshmallows double down on that truth.

Add Extra Crunch

It’s the crunch of trail mix that usually has us coming back for more.

8. Puffed Quinoa

Similar to puffed rice, puffed quinoa is extra light and crunchy.

9. Chopped Peanut Brittle

For a little bit of everything — not just crunchy, but sweet and salty too.

10. Plantain Chips

Add some tropical flair to your trail mix and toss in a few handfuls.

11. Marcona Almonds

Splurge a little on salty marcona almonds and your trail mix will feel a little bit like a luxury.

12. Corn Nuts

These giant, salty roasted corn kernels are usually washed down with a cold beer, but are also a great addition to trail mix.

Try Savory

Ready to go fully savory with your trail mix? These mix-ins can help.

13. Smoked Almonds

Smoky trail mix is exactly what you’ve been missing — you just didn’t know it.

14. Cocoa Nibs

Fancy up your trail mix. Cocoa nibs are the ultimate upgrade to those plain ol’ chocolate chips — it’s chocolatey without the sweetness.

15. Beef Jerky

Yes, really. Chopped up and tossed in, jerky essentially makes your trail mix a meal.