Make 46 Freezer Meals In 4 Hours

published Jun 17, 2011

More often than not, when you think of making meals ahead and tossing them in the freezer, it’s usually during the winter months. We’re busy stocking up on soups, stews, chili and the like. In the summer however we’re usually just as busy if not more so, and could really use the help cutting down on dinner prep time. Here’s how one Mom makes 46 meals in 4 hours with little extras along the way!

Admittedly, summer freezer meals are far easier in preparation than winter ones, especially if you have a grill at your disposal. The key to many of the meals made by Natalie over at A Turtle’s Life For Me is meat preparation. She’s pre-pattied burgers (quick defrosting!), pre-marinated her proteins, and even cooked and pre-shredded chicken for quick meals like nachos.

In winter where you might find yourself baking off an entire lasagna, she’s more about having the right stuff on hand to throw together quickly. Even if you’re not into eating the same things as her family loves, her tips and tricks on what to have on hand for fast meals are very worthwhile. In addition, she’s also a serious bargain shopper and made all the meals above for right around $95!

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