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The Magic Eraser Product You’ll Wish You Knew About Earlier

updated Jun 2, 2021
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Someone pulling a sheet out of package.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I’ve written about my love for Magic Erasers before. I use them for so many things around the house: to clean my sink, remove sticky labels from new dishes, get stains out of plastic containers, ready my summer patio furniture after a year of storage, and more. I’ve even used them to clean my oven door. I don’t know if there’s a Magic Eraser Fan Club, but if there is, I’d like to be the president. And CEO. (Before you point out that they’re wasteful, please know that I not only cut my sponges in half, but I also reuse them until, well, they’re no longer useful.)

But guess what? I might love these Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets even more than the standard Erasers! And a quick poll of my friends helped me see that the word is not out about these yet. They’ve been on the market for at least a few years, but they’re not nearly as popular as the original ones. Let’s take a look!

Instead of chunky blocks of melamine foam, these sheets are, well, sheets. (They even come in a little book, like pages!) They’re thin — a fraction of the width of a regular Magic Eraser — and flexible, which means they can get into tight spots. Tight spots that a regular Magic Eraser can’t — like, say, in the crevices of my sink drain, up and down appliance handles, around stovetop burners, and between the slats of my outdoor furniture.

It’s easy to wet one and wring it out, and it feels like a Goldilocks moment between a paper towel, wipe, and a rag. Of course, with the bonus scrubbing power of melamine foam, which makes it better than all three alternatives. Also, these tend to be less expensive than the full-sized Magic Erasers, so I like to reach for one when I don’t quite feel justified in pulling out its big brother.

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As for the waste, I actually find that I reach for these sheets instead of wipes now, and then I reuse each one for as long as it can stand. So I do find that my trash pile is smaller.

Have you tried these yet? What’d you think?