Sue Me: I Like This $40 Blender Better than a $400 Vitamix!

updated May 17, 2019
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Like most brides-to-be I used my wedding as a chance to upgrade my kitchen gear, but one thing that was noticeably missing from my registry was a blender. And six years later, I don’t regret not having put a $400 Vitamix on my wish list.

See, I remain true and loyal to my $40 Magic Bullet.

This tiny little blender is the college sweetheart I refuse to dump, and I will stay with the Magic Bullet until death do us part. I’ve made smoothies and soups, ground coffee beans, chopped veggies, and blended margaritas. And I’ve only scratched the surface of the 100 recipes that came with my Original Magic Bullet.

Those who want the big-ticket item will likely never be convinced of the beauty of this tiny wonder, but if you have an open mind (or a closed wallet), I’m pretty sure I can make you see just how magical the Magic Bullet is and why it just may be the best $40 you’ll spend on your kitchen — particularly right before summer.

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1. It makes the most perfectly sized portion — to go.

There is never going to be a morning when my husband or son want a breakfast smoothie, so if I’m making one of these healthy drinks, I’m making it just for me. The Magic Bullet is the perfect size for one serving. I can throw in my fresh or frozen fruits and veggies, a protein powder, and liquid; blend it all together; and then take that cup right off the blender base and head out the door. Newer sets have made this particularly easy with a Thermos-like top that my older model is missing.

2. Cleanup is oh so easy.

One big reason I don’t want to own a blender: I don’t want to clean a blender! Those blades are sharp and tend to be really hard to get to! The blades on the Magic Bullet, however, are super exposed and can be easily washed. I love not having to worry about cutting myself — or leaving guacamole gunk behind.

3. I can still make soup in it.

I know that a big reason so many people love their Vitamix is because they can make (hot!) soup in it. But I totally make soup in my Magic Bullet because the cups are microwave-safe. I just blend up the ingredients and pop it in the microwave. Total number of dishes to wash: one.

4. It can do multiple jobs.

So there’s going to be an argument about all the amazing functions in that super-expensive blender. But the Magic Bullet can still chop onions, make a smoothie, grind coffee beans, whip cream, and more. I don’t need to mess around with a hodgepodge of buttons, either — I just press down for short bursts, or press and turn the cup into a lock position and the blender will run until I make it stop.

5. It takes up less space.

No matter how you shake it, a blender takes up a significant amount of space. And for most people it’s going to end up as counter clutter. The Magic Bullet is little — approximately the size of a small can of coffee — and while people will cry foul at the clutter of all those necessary add-ons (the cups, lids, and bases!), I’ve solved that problem by keeping the original box, which is about the size of a slow cooker.

After I use my Magic Bullet, I wash and dry the pieces I used, put everything back in the box, and slide it back on the floor of my pantry — out of sight, but in reach as soon as the need for a margarita arises.

What do you think? Could you get by (and embrace!) just a small Magic Bullet, or do you need something bigger like a Vitamix?