The Editor-Loved Mosquito Solution That Sells Out in the Summer Is Available Right Now — Stock Up While You Can

updated Apr 15, 2024
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With the weather warming up, we’ll once again be spending much of our time outdoors, especially when it comes to drinking and dining. While nothing beats an al fresco meal or cocktail in your backyard by the fire pit, there is one aspect that’s less than ideal: mosquitoes. Even if you don’t have “sweet blood” and aren’t constantly swarmed by the pesky insects, you know that an evening outdoors can easily be derailed by them. It’s the exact reason that our editors have a secret weapon against bugs that bite: an all-natural repellent that requires no spraying!

The Madison James Flyaway Sticks are essentially incense sticks made with a blend of ingredients that naturally deter insects like mosquitoes, gnats, and horseflies. They’re perfect for setting on the table before you sit down to eat or placing beside you as you garden. Anyone who hates sticky bug sprays will want to get their hands on a pack. However, these popular sticks tend to sell out quickly — so you’ll want to grab a pack or two now!

When we came across these bug repellent sticks a few years ago, we knew we’d found something special. Our executive lifestyle director Lisa Freedman was instantly a fan, writing that “they smell perfectly woods-y and, when lit, add a nice little ambience to your party. Each stick burns for four hours and repels mosquitos, hornets, and other pesky insects. Just set up a few around your patio or picnic table and you’re basically setting up a do-not-disturb sign.”

Each stick is made with a blend of geranium, Texas cedar, and clove, which gives off a natural scent rather than the pungent smell from citronella candles. And, unlike citronella candles that require burning long enough to melt the wax before they start scenting the area, these sticks start working instantly. Just like an incense stick, you light the tip, blow it out, and let it burn down. You can set one in a planter on the table or surround an area with sticks if you’re in a larger space.

Credit: Terrain

Every set includes 40 sticks, each measuring 19 inches long with a burn time of over 2.5 hours. They also arrive in a repurposed farm feed bag for an eco-friendly packaging that looks simultaneously luxurious and rustic.

In addition to our editors’ rave review, many customers praised this handy bug spray alternative on Terrain’s website. “Worth every penny! Thanks to these sticks, I no longer spend my summer evenings as a feast for mosquitos,” one person wrote. “We use one of these sticks every evening when we sit on our patio. Have tried citronella candles and mosquito coils also but nothing works as well as these sticks — and as a great bonus they smell really great, too,” another wrote.

No matter what your summer plans entail, with these flyaway sticks, you can at least guarantee that whacking mosquitoes all night long will not be on the agenda.