This Editor-Favorite Mosquito Solution Is Finally Back in Stock — and I’m Stocking Up Before It Sells Out

updated May 30, 2021
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When I wrote about Madison James’ cult-favorite flyaway sticks last spring, I knew I’d be spending most of the summer in a rural corner of Michigan. Fans of the bug-repelling sticks (including Kitchn’s Lifestyle Director Lisa), swear by them for keeping pesky critters like mosquitos, hornets, and black flies at bay, so I ordered a pack to have on hand for dinners by the lake and outdoor picnics. Fast forward a few weeks into a seasonably-buggy summer, and needless to say, I underestimated just how much time I’d be spending outside. The sticks quickly became part of my evening al fresco dining routine, and I immediately regretted not ordering more! The only problem? Whenever Terrain restocks these flyaway sticks, they sell-out quickly. Luckily, they’re currently in stock, just in time for you to get a jumpstart on bug-proofing your summer, whether you want to eat, play, or relax outdoors.

I gravitate towards woody, natural scents when I buy candles, so I was pleasantly surprised by the flyaway sticks’ blend of Texas cedar, geranium, and clove. The notes were a nice departure from medicinal-smelling citronella candles I’ve always purchased. Plus, unlike candles that need to burn long enough for the wax to melt before they start scenting the area, the flyway sticks start working immediately. You just light the tip, blow it out, and the smoldering stick lightly cloaks your area in a warm, spicy scent that repels bugs. As Lisa notes, “just set up a few around your patio or picnic table and you’re basically setting up a do-not-disturb sign”. Not to mention, when stuck in the sand, grass, or a patio planter, the sticks really add to the ambiance of an outdoor dinner or beach party.

Each stick measures 19-inches long and burns for over two and half hours, giving you plenty of time to relax without getting harassed by insects. Madison James recommends placing the sticks individually, spaced 10 feet apart, so you can bug-proof a large area with just a few.

Credit: Terrain

There’s a lot to love about the flyaway sticks, but my favorite is the fact that I no longer need to douse myself in sticky bug spray before dinner. After all, that sort of ruins the refreshing feeling of a post-swim summer shower.

So, take my advice: order two packs of flyaway sticks and you won’t have to ration them like I did last year. Summer is just a few weeks away, and I know I’ll be happy to have a small stockpile. Bonus: each set of 40 incense sticks is beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly repurposed farm feed bag, making them perfect for gifting. And there really is no better gift, than a bug-free summer!