This Mosquito Solution with a Serious Cult Following Was Sold Out All Last Summer — but It’s in Stock Right Now!

updated Jun 21, 2021
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Here’s a fun fact: Mosquitoes love summer just as much as we do! And they can really spoil an outdoor moment. Citronella candles work only so well at warding off determined insects, and who wants to drench themselves in sticky bug spray before eating a meal? (Not me!) Last year, we told you about Madison James’ bug-repelling flyaway sticks that have a real cult following (Kitchn’s Lifestyle Director, Lisa, is a big fan) and were almost always sold out! Good news: They’re back in stock at Terrain, just in time for the alfresco living that lies in the months ahead! 

Rather than use toxic chemicals that can harm local bee populations (and in some cases, us), eco-chic brand Madison James blends natural essential oils like geranium, Texas cedar, clove, and citronella to make their beautiful incense sticks. The smoldering flyaway sticks cloak your outdoor area in a subtle but spicy scent that’s pleasant to people, but a major deterrent to insects, including mosquitoes, black flies, horseflies, and even hornets. Each stick is 22-inches long and burns for up to four hours of bug-free relaxation.

If you’re a mosquito-magnet, you may be a little wary of a product that promises to keep “unwanted guests” at bay, but if the multiple 5-star reviews are any indication — these things really work. “Nights on my city balcony are beautiful until, the mosquitos start biting,” says one reviewer. “These arrived on Friday and have had two great balcony nights, Mosquito Free!” While another reviewer adds: “They smell beautiful, last longer than other products I have tried and really do keep the bugs away!”

Packaged in recycled paper pouches, each set includes 31 sticks that can be used anywhere your outdoor imagination takes you. Catching the sunset at the beach? Stick them directly into the sand to ensure a bite-free evening. According to some reviewers, they also work well at deterring pests in wooded areas, too, so you can pack a few if you go camping. For those of us who migrate to their backyards in the summer, picture placing a few sticks in a small vase or planter — a decidedly more sophisticated look than a tiki torch! And they’d also make a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member who truly enjoys the outdoors.

If you’re planning on doing anything outside in the near future (aren’t we all?), now is a great time to snag these gorgeous flyaway sticks before they’re out of stock again! When something is effective at repelling pests and adds to your outdoor mood, it’s a total win-win.