I Can’t Stop Buying This Space-Saving Solution That Kitchn Readers Love (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

updated Apr 9, 2021
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As someone who’s naturally prone to creating clutter, I truly appreciate working at Kitchn, where I’m constantly introduced to cool new products that can help curb my messy ways. So when we wrote about these reader-favorite madesmart pull-out drawers last month, I knew they would be handy in solving one of the biggest organizational problems in my new apartment: The space underneath my kitchen sink that had transformed into a dumping ground for all kinds of tools, knick-knacks, and cleaning products. Little did I know that I would love these drawers so much that I would end up buying three more. Yes, I now own four, and I’m ready to add more to my cart!

You’re probably wondering, “What can be so special about plastic drawers?” Let me explain. Once my drawer arrived, set up took less than five minutes, and I was surprised by just how roomy the end result was. The drawers measure roughly 16×9 inches, which is quite compact, but they’re 6.25 inches tall, so you can easily layer a lot of things. I used my first set to hold kitchen napkins, plant food, Swedish dish towels, scrubs, microfiber cloths, dishwasher tablets, and even a stovetop cleaner. That’s pretty much all my everyday essentials within easy reach! I used to spend at least 20 minutes hunting for a single dishwasher tablet or the microfiber cloth for cleaning the stovetop. These little drawers have been a total game-changer and I’m not alone — after we wrote about them, they became an instant favorite among Kitchn readers too!

I’m using the second set to store spices and baking ingredients, and the third and fourth (for bathroom essentials) arrived just last week. Aside from keeping items organized, I also love that the drawers slide out (so smooth, like butter!), so I can spot even the tiniest of things. For instance, spices bought for a particular dish would often get lost in the back of the cabinet only to be pulled out on moving day, but now I can keep it all in one place and easily roll out the drawers to find that darned jar of sumac.

Credit: Sholeen Damarwala
This usually lives on a cabinet shelf, but I pulled it out to show just how much it holds!

Even cooler, the drawers come with flexible dividers that can be moved around to create compartments. This little feature may not sound like much, but I found it to be particularly helpful for keeping tiny beauty products separate from bulkier hair tools. I should also mention that the drawers are incredibly sturdy and can hold a ton of weight without buckling or bending.

Next up, I’m planning on snagging a fifth set to store fresh produce. Since the bins have little perforations, the breathable design would be ideal for keeping produce like onions, garlic, potatoes, or citrus fresh, whether in the fridge or on countertops. And the movable divider would be handy to keep little lemons and jalapeños separate from bigger vegetables.

Credit: Sholeen Damarwala

If you’re clutter-prone like I am and need a space-saving organizer that will help you maximize what limited storage you do have, I can’t recommend these drawers enough. In fact, I love them so much, my friends shouldn’t be surprised if they find sets on their doorsteps come Christmas morning. My only hope? That they’re still on sale in December!

Buy: madesmart 2-Tier Organizer with Slide-Out Baskets and Dividers, $22.99 (normally $24.99)