This Top-Rated Amazon Find Will Instantly Double Your Space and Organize Your Cabinets Once and for All

updated Mar 4, 2021
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Credit: Minette Hand

Few things frustrate me as much as getting home from the grocery store, only to discover I’ve purchased something I already have. Well, that, and reaching for an ingredient and seeing that it expired in 2019. The problem, of course, is that I don’t have a good system for keeping my limited kitchen storage space organized. I end up buying more than I need and wasting what I have. Sound familiar? Risers have been a revelation for organizing my shelves, but when it comes to the deep cabinets in my kitchen, it’s what lurks behind the items in the front that often get overlooked or simply forgotten about. Luckily, I think I finally found the perfect solution to this challenging spot in my kitchen, and, I imagine yours: behold this brilliant two-tier organizer from madesmart

What I like most about the organizer is the fact that it has a relatively small footprint, but makes use of vertical space and depth. That’s like winning the gold medal at the Organizing Olympics! The clever, space-saving organizer has earned an impressive 4.7-star rating and over 11,000 glowing reviews on Amazon, and, bonus: it’s on sale right now!

The simple design features two perforated storage bins measuring roughly 16 x 9 inches, that snap onto a metal frame, and slide out so you can see and reach all of their contents. The bins are 6.25 inches tall, making them ideal for holding low-profile jars, canned goods, spices, snack packs, and other pantry items. One happy customer shares, “Oh, I love these little drawers. Handy for so many areas in the home or office. I use them for spices, mini chip bags, and seasoning packets in the pantry.” 

Since the organizer is lightweight, it can even be used on the shelves in your refrigerator. According to one fan who dubbed it “The best money I ever spent”, the madesmart organizer totally transformed her once-cramped refrigerator. She says, “I absolutely love these. My refrigerator is a side by side and I swear I never had any room in there. Everything felt like it was stacked on top of other things and it was such a pain to get to something in the back. Well not anymore.” She goes on to say, “I now have the most organized fridge ever.”

While the organizer is great for storing dry goods and pantry items, the perforated, breathable design of the plastic bins is ideal for keeping produce like onions, garlic, potatoes, or citrus fresh, whether in the fridge or on countertops. Each bin also comes with a movable divider to separate certain items, whether you’re storing tea bags, snack pouches, or condiments. The fronts of each bin and divider can be labeled using a dry erase marker, further helping you know what’s where. You can also use the organizer to tidy up the space below your sink and use the bins to hold dishwashing tablets, rags, sponges, and brushes.

If you don’t have quite enough width to fit the 9-inch wide organizer, it’s also available in a slimmer design. Whether you buy one or two organizers, the space-saving design of the organizers will help you maximize what limited storage you do have. I’m planning to buy one of each to tackle a few stubborn areas under my countertops! 

Buy: madesmart 2-Tier Organizer With Slide-Out Baskets And Dividers, $22.99 (normally $24.99)