Made In Just Launched New Cookware Pieces That Are Perfect for Meal Prep

published Sep 14, 2021
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Credit: Made In

With every new product launch, Made In continues to prove that you don’t have to be a pro chef to cook like one. You just need the right tools, expertly crafted to set you up for success. That’s why we’re super excited that today they’ve added three new pieces to their bestselling Stainless Clad line: a 12-quart stock pot, a 10-quart rondeau, and a 5-quart saucier. 

Like their stainless steel siblings, these new pieces have the same sturdy 5-ply construction, designed for even and controlled heating and precision cooking on any type of cooktop. The difference? These new large-format pieces are meant to increase your cooking capability with additional surface area. So, whether you’re batch cooking to serve a crowd, meal prepping for a busy week, or just want a better way to braise, get ready to cook in bulk with these long-lasting beauties.

The 12-quart stock pot is the big sister of the already-popular 8-quart version, which not only increases the capacity but the surface area to cook as well. Think about browning meat for tailgate chili right in the pot or making chicken stock from scratch. With high walls, the 12-quart can fit an entire chicken and then some! And, since those walls have the same thickness, you can fill it to the brim and still cook evenly.

Similarly, the 5-quart saucier is a larger capacity version of the 3-quart that constantly sells out. Think of it as a hybrid sauté pan and saucepot, with curved edges that increase surface area and help prevent ingredients from getting stuck in the corners. Perfect for risotto and sauces that need constant whisking, the new larger version lets you increase your recipe size without sacrificing control. 

And if you haven’t heard of a rondeau, get excited. Popular in restaurant kitchens for its shallow and wide base, it has incredible surface area to braise and sear without worrying about overcrowding. That means everything from pork ragù to braised chicken can cook evenly with maximum flavor. The sides of this 10-quart beauty are tall enough to sear those meatballs and make the sauce, too. A one-pot wonder!