I’ve Been Using the Sheet Pan That Originally Sold Out in Just 4 Hours — Here’s My Honest Review

updated Oct 26, 2021
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Credit: Made In

I’m not one to do something just because everyone else is doing it. I haven’t signed up for TikTok and I still haven’t seen a single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But when I saw that Made In’s sheet pan sold out in just four hours after it first became available, well, I was interested. Because I use my sheet pans more than any other pot/pan in my entire kitchen. I make a lot of sheet pan dinners, pizza, and weekend bacon. I bake (too many) batches of cookies. I freeze a lot of produce. And I roast pounds and pounds of vegetables. And most of my sheet pans are, to put it nicely, a little worse for the wear. (No offense, sheet pans!) I have about a half-dozen, which I rotate through, and most of them are either warped or incredibly discolored — or both.

After losing out to other shoppers during multiple rounds of restocks, I finally got my hands on this sheet pan. I’ve been using it on repeat for about a year now and here’s my honest review.

Buy: Half-Size Sheet Pan, $25 at Made In

An Honest Review of the Made In Sheet Pan

First, let’s take a technical look. The Made In Sheet Pan comes in 1/2 or 1/4 sizes, for $25 and $19, respectively. (There’s a non-stick option now, and while it wasn’t available when I was shopping, I might add it to my cart soon!) They’re all made in Wisconsin with commercial-grade aluminum, are oven-safe up to 450 degrees, and are billed as lightweight and durable. They also have an aluminum rod underneath the rolled rim — and this rolled rim is said to make cleaning even easier (because food and oil can’t get trapped under the rim). “We took the sheet pan our chef partners were using in their kitchens daily and made it better,” the company says on its website.

I couldn’t tell from my first impression if it was better, but it was definitely prettier. Right out of the box, the sheet pan is shiny. All these months later, it’s still pretty shiny, which is impressive because I own other pans that, after a month or two, had already become discolored. I’ve noticed that the pan heats up fairly evenly (as demonstrated by the fact that the bottoms of my cookies seem to brown at the same rate). It is also noticeably lighter than other sheet pans in my collection but still thick enough that it hasn’t warped. The pan isn’t nonstick, but my food has been releasing with relative ease and cleanup has been simple. Additionally, I really like that the rolled edge presses all the way against the under-side of the pan (I have other pans with rolled edges but there’s a gap between the cuff and the pan that often collects gunk). I also really like the price point (the other new sheet pan I was considering costs $10 more).

My only complaint: Made In recommends washing the sheet pan by hand. To be fair, most aluminum sheet pans are hand-wash only, but I do like the convenience of being able to toss them into the dishwasher — my dishwasher even has a spot that fits half-size sheet pans perfectly. (Note to self: This may be why your old ones aren’t in great shape.) I will say that I have put it in the dishwasher a few times (when I’m feeling my laziest) and the pan’s gotten a little splotchy, but this is entirely on me. Hand wash the thing and you two will be very happy together!

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