The Santoku Knife That Sold Out in Hours Is Back — and Better Than Before

updated Apr 28, 2020
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three knives
Credit: Made In Cookware

Made In’s high-quality cookware is the stuff of legend, so it’s no wonder that everything they launch consistently sells out fast. Like their $69 skillet that’s rarely ever in stock, the limited-edition Southern Smoke frying pans that were gone within hours and, most recently, their limited-edition, green-handled santoku knife that had a robust 6,000-plus waitlist! The 7-inch santoku, in particular, was so good that Kitchn’s Lifestyle Director, Lisa, absolutely loved hers and found herself constantly reaching for it in lieu of her usual beloved kitchen knife. Well, here’s the good news: The DTC brand just launched a permanent line of the cult-favorite santoku in three beautiful new colors, and, at $99 each, they’re more affordable than the $189 limited edition version.

You’ll recognize the santoku’s classic Pomme Red, Beaune Grey, and Truffle Black handle tones from Made In’s collection of signature Chef’s knives. But colors aside, the knife has earned legendary status thanks to its flatter-versus-curved blade shape that’s exceptionally good for chopping, mincing, and precision cutting. It’s also fully forged, meaning a single piece of metal is used from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle, making the santoku balanced, comfortable to grip, and safe to use.

“The blade is so thin,” says Lisa, who used her santoku to cube, chop, and dice sweet potatoes, delicate herbs, raw onions, and cured meats. “The knife itself is just heavy enough but still lightweight, perfectly balanced, and incredibly easy to manage.”

Another major pro? The santoku’s hand-scalloped edge — known as a Granton blade — prevents ingredients from sticking, so you can seamlessly slice through wet ingredients without having to (dangerously) wipe the stainless steel blade. “I never had to pause to unstick what I was cutting from the blade,” says Lisa.

If you’ve been doing a lot more cooking lately and are ready to upgrade your tired old knife or just want to add another useful kitchen instrument to your arsenal, Made In’s santoku is a quality knife that just might last you a lifetime.