Made In’s Popular Carbon Steel Skillet That’s Always Selling Out Is Back In Stock and On Sale!

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Credit: Made In

Every kitchen needs at least one “do everything” pan. A pan that can sear meat and vegetables, produce effortless omelets and silky smooth scrambled eggs, and simmer saucy dishes both on the stovetop and in the oven. Not surprisingly, finding such a pan can be a challenge — unless you look at Made In. Before creating unparalleled pots and pans for home cooks, they spent 100 years bringing high-quality cookware to restaurant chefs, so they know how to make a pan that is up for any task.

Made In’s “do everything” pan is their Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan. Although it is made from a similar metal composition as cast-iron pans, carbon steel is much lighter, so you can comfortably carry it and move it around your stove on a daily basis without straining your wrists. This pan is usually sold out, but right now it’s both back in stock and on sale at 15 percent off for Presidents Day. Pick one up while you can and you’ll quickly see how versatile this piece of cookware is — and why it’s so highly coveted.

To start, this pan has the heat retention necessary to develop a delicious crust on cuts of steak, chicken, pork, and other proteins. It’s compatible with any type of stovetop heating element — gas, electric, and induction. And, it’s slick enough to cook eggs, cheese, and charred ingredients without them becoming stuck. It develops its nonstick-like ability by being seasoned with oils just like cast-iron pans do, and Made In gives you the option to buy it either unseasoned or pre-seasoned (whether you have your own special seasoning ritual or want to use it right out of the box).

Of course, this isn’t the only discount Made In is offering right now. Their Presidents Day sale includes savings up to 30 percent off their pro-grade frying pans, woks, sauté pans, Dutch ovens, knives, and skillets. You’ll get the biggest deals on their bundles, so if you’re ready to embrace the value of carbon steel cookware, we recommend checking out their three-piece set. It includes a perforated grill pan and is currently $85 off.

Credit: Made In

When our former editor Meghan Splawn tested the 10-inch version of the Carbon Steel Frying Pan, the detail she appreciated the most about it was its shape. “The high sides of the 10-inch skillet make it an excellent pan for stovetop frying without making a mess,” Meghan wrote. “Sautéing vegetables in the Made In Blue Carbon Steel Skillet was a particular dream — the even heat and sloped sides helped to quickly flip green beans and broccoli on two different evenings.” It’s this attention to detail that earned Made In a spot on our editors’ list of best carbon-steel skillets — and it’s what makes their tools the ones you reach for night after night.

Ready to add an incredibly hardworking pan to your kitchen’s lineup? Grab one of these carbon-steel skillets at this great price — it won’t last long and trust us when we say you do not want to miss out.

Buy: Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, $110 (normally $129)