Made In’s Sold-Out Pasta Cookware Set Is Back in Stock — Get It While You Can!

published Aug 15, 2022
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linguine with spinach on a plate with lemon and piece of parmesan cheese on the side
Credit: Perry Santanachote

There truly is nothing like a good bowl of pasta. Whether you opt for a gluten-free option like I do or go all out and make your own from scratch, there’s no more satisfying way to finish off the day… until it’s time to do the dishes. Let’s be honest, who wants to be scrubbing pots and pans with a belly full of pasta? Not me!

So back in March, when one of our all-time-favorite DTC cookware brands launched a game-changing pasta set, we were floored. Why didn’t we invent this smart solution ourselves!? The chef-approved, top-quality set makes the process of serving up that steaming bowl of spaghetti a whole lot easier. And while their ingenious invention sold out super fast when it first came out, we’re glad to announce it’s finally back in stock! Judging by how quickly this thing flew off the virtual shelves at its launch, this is one Made In essential you’re gonna want to snag pronto.

The set includes a stock pot and pasta insert, both of which are made in Italy. The 8-qt. pot is crafted from a single piece of premium, five-ply metal (aka no hot spots or burning, plus excellent heat retention and distribution). It’s oven safe, handy for lots of items other than pasta, and is induction compatible. Basically, if you don’t already have a stock pot or are in the market for a new one, the pot alone is reason enough to go all in on the set.

But the real special feature of this awesome bundle is the insert. Somewhere between a steamer and a colander, the tool is custom fitted to the aforementioned pot. It rests perfectly inside, so you can fill the pot plus insert with water and simply lift the insert (and the pasta) out of the pot when the morsels are cooked to al-dente perfection. Then drain the pot, and use it to make sauce. Talk about minimal dishwashing!

With extra-wide handles (for easy pouring and lifting), the set is super versatile when it comes to alternative uses like blanching vegetables or cooking other kinds of grains. We also love how easy it is to store; all the pieces stack together, eliminating the need to make extra room in the cabinet.

If you’re an avid pasta eater — or love hard-boiled eggs, or simple veggies, or Israeli cous cous, or if you cook anything, ever, at all — this set is bound to become a cookware superstar in your kitchen. We suggest you head over to Made In’s site fast, because now that word is out that this game changer is back in stock, it’s bound to sell out im-pasta-bly fast.

Buy: Pasta Set, $239 (normally $279)