Made In Just Brought Back These Four Sold-Out Knives — Get Them Before They’re Gone

published Oct 20, 2022
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Credit: Chloe Berk

If there’s one life lesson I’ve learned the hard way, it’s to not be so stubborn when it comes to trying new things, especially in the kitchen. And I’m not talking about new foods, per se, but rather the tools used to cook them. For instance, there’s no reason to waste precious minutes waiting for water to boil on the stove when you can invest in an electric kettle. And why scrape egg remnants until your arms hurt when you can just use a non-stick pan to fry them instead? This same logic applies to knives. If you’ve been using the same cutting tools for years and think they’re just fine, that’s likely because you haven’t tried quality, chef grade knives like the ones from Made In. Not only does this direct-to-consumer brand sell top-notch knives for every purpose imaginable, but Made In also just relaunched four of its bestsellers for a limited time. Each one of these knives sold out hours after its initial drop, so you don’t want to hesitate in grabbing one (or all four) this time around.

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Made In

Easily the most versatile knife in this limited edition lot, the 8" chef knife is perfect for amateur and veteran cooks alike. Use it to chop, dice, and slice anything from meat to veggies. In addition to being highly practical and precise, this knife has a stunning blue carapace handle and stays sharp no matter how often you use it. Like all of Made In's products, the knife is expertly made in France and totally worth the splurge.

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Made In

Although boning knives are predominantly used to remove meat from bone, you can also use this one to carve desserts, seamlessly slice through ligaments and other rubbery pieces, or really any time you want a very clean, precise cut. Made In's boning knife is flexible and super sharp, not to mention visually pleasing with its jade-green handle.

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Made In

This heavy-duty cleaver is so powerful, it can cut through pretty much anything, including bone. You'll definitely want this in your arsenal if you frequently cook meat or thick-skinned veggies. If you learn how to wield it properly, however, the cleaver can be used in a variety of ways, such as chopping, mincing, and dicing. Though it looks like something straight out of a butcher shop, this piece is beyond functional.

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Made In

You'll want to keep a close eye on this 6" knife, as it's the most highly requested relaunch by Made In fans. That's likely because the knife is relatively compact, so it won't take up too much space in your drawer or knife stand. This piece is ideal for when the 8" version feels too large and heavy, and it allows you to carry out most of the same functions. If anything, this one is even better for chopping smaller vegetables.