One of Our Favorite Small Cookware Brands Is Having a Rare Sale You Can’t Afford to Miss

updated Jun 22, 2021
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When it comes to pro-quality cookware, the direct-to-consumer brand Made In is one of our favorite sources. Their carbon steel pans, chic bakeware, and very gorgeous bread knife are just a few of our favorite things. The only issue? While Made In’s DTC model allows them to offer pro-quality cookware at a much lower price point than other premium kitchen brands, you still may experience a little sticker shock if you’re brand new to the world of carbon steel woks and copper sauciers. That’s one reason why we’re here to tell you about their very rare, just-launched Industry Sale, which offers up to 25 percent off some of our favorite editor-approved pans, knives, serveware, and more. The entire sale is definitely worth a look, but to get you started, we asked Kitchn editors to choose their absolute favorite finds that are currently available at especially great prices.

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Made In
was $129.00

As Made In puts it, this pan is seriously slippery. It's coated with multiple layers of a PFOA-free nonstick material that helps it last up to 10 times longer than other premium nonstick pans and 30 times longer than ceramic cookware. All three sizes (8", 10", and 12") are still in stock, but given that this is one of Made In's top sellers, you may want to order soon before it's gone.

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Made In
was $119.00

Made In's award-winning Blue Carbon Steel Wok has sold out multiple times, so we were a teensy bit surprised to see it included in the sale, but we're also not complaining one bit. It's a heavy-duty kitchen workhorse, designed for high heat and rapid movement, but it's also great for steaming, deep-frying, and boiling.

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Made In
was $217.00

Kitchn's tools editor Riddley is a big fan of Made In's Bakeware and uses it for everything from perfectly baked brownies to crispy roasted veggies. "Overall, I think this classic-looking bakeware works well and is gorgeous," she says. "And while it is pricey ... sometimes you get what you paid for." (Except for right now, when you can save almost $50!)

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Made In
was $89.00

Chipped china is no fun. That's why Made In's serving platter is made from vitrified china, which is the same durable stuff you'd find on the table in a five-star restaurant. It comes with a one-year "no chip" guarantee, and a special glaze makes it especially resistant to bacteria and safe for the dishwasher.

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Made In
was $109.00

While it's not always included in cookware sets, a saucier is a must-have for soups, sauces, stocks, and more. Made In's saucier has rounded edges to make stirring a breeze, and it's a bit of a beast thanks to its five-ply stainless steel construction.

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Made In
was $99.00

Fact: Once you've used a quality bread knife to slice through a crusty loaf of sourdough, you'll never go back to your former ways. Made In's fully forged bread knife stays sharp for years, offering optimal performance, loaf after loaf.

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Made In
was $175.00

Blue carbon steel pans have been used in France for ages, since they combine the heat retention of cast iron with the lightness and cooking speed of stainless steel. If you're the type of cook who wants the best of both worlds, consider Made In's Core Set the Goldilocks of cookware.

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Made In
was $554.00

Made In's Tabletop Set is also included in the sale, and if history's any indication, it's likely to sell out. This is restaurant-quality tableware that's designed to last. The set has everything you need for four place settings (including flatware!), plus a matching 13" serving platter.