Made In’s Grill Frying Pan Is FINALLY Back in Stock — But Probably Not for Long!

updated Jul 28, 2020
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Credit: Made In

Remember when Made In launched this genius Grill Frying Pan back in early May? Well, it came as no surprise to us that the frying pan sold out in just a matter of days. (Yup, it’s that good!) But here’s some good news: The Grill Frying Pan is back in stock and available to ship out starting today! 

Priced at $75, the beauty of this 11-inch grill pan lies in the 62 spaced-out perforations that allow the heat from an outdoor grill or open flame (up to 1,200 F!) to char vegetables, seafood and meats to utter perfection. The pan is made using carbon steel, the very same iconic material behind Made In’s popular Blue Steel Frying Pan, which perpetually keeps selling out (like right now!). A mix between cast-iron and non-stick, the carbon steel finishing lends itself beautifully to high-temperature cooking, plus, once you season the pan, it develops non-stick properties over time that make it easy to cook in as well as clean.

While the pan is equipped to take on heavy-duty outdoor cooking, it weighs only a little over three pounds, which means it’s incredibly lightweight and convenient to pack for camping trips. It’s also fitted with Made In’s signature curved handle that makes it easy to flip and toss food. Another major pro? The pan has high, sloped edges so you can grill a whole chicken or even chunky, delicious potatoes without worrying about losing ingredients in an open flame or those dreaded grill grates.

We can already think of a ton of delicious recipes to whip up in Made In’s Grill Frying Pan all year round, but summer barbecue favorites (hey, zucchini!) are currently on top of our wishlist. And regardless of whatever outdoor favorites you grill in your new pan, it’s truly a must-have that you’ll be enjoying for years. The only hitch? Let’s just hope it doesn’t sell out before we can get our hands on one.