One of Our Favorite Brands Just Launched Not One, But Two (!!) Must-Have Cookware Sets

published Nov 10, 2020
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Here at Kitchn, we’re not shy about our love for Made In, the direct-to-consumer cookware brand with a history of selling out of their most popular products. Fans just can’t seem to get enough of their classic frying pans and sheet pans. Now, just in time for the holidays, Made In is launching not one, but two new cookware sets that feature some of their best-selling products: a stunning Copper Collection and a Non Stick Capsule Collection. Heads up — one of the products included in the Non Stick set is sold out if you try to buy it on its own! We can’t wait to get our hands on these can’t-miss cookware pieces, especially with the holidays coming up.

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Made In

No doubt, copper cookware is a thing of beauty, offering a timeless elegance that makes any kitchen shine. But trust us — there is plenty of substance behind the sheen. Compared to other metals, copper has superior conductivity, which means it responds to changes in temperature quickly and is extremely versatile in the kitchen. Copper has been the go-to material for in-the-know cooks for years, so we’re thrilled that Made In has finally launched their own set. Made in France, this new collection features a classic rondeau, plus a saucepan and saucier with coordinating lids, all of which are lined with stainless steel to ensure safety and easy clean up. If you’ve been considering upgrading to copper in your kitchen, this perfect starter set will cover all of your basic needs and look great while doing it.

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Made In
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Made In’s popular line of Non Stick Cookware has a frying pan waitlist (yes, you read that right), but with the introduction of the new set, you can avoid the wait and buy that coveted tool and much more, all at once. The five-piece set includes a 3.5-quart saute pan, a 4-quart (or 2-quart — your choice) saucepan, and yes, the sold-out 12-inch frying pan, along with two lids. These products feature a double application of a silicone-free, toxin-free, non-stick coating that lasts more than ten times as long as competitive products. No matter what you’re making — eggs! sauces! pancakes! — it will cook evenly and come out of the pan intact.