Made In Just Launched a Carbon Steel Griddle — and My Smashed Potatoes Have Never Been Better

published Jun 13, 2022
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smashed potatoes sit garnished on a baking sheet
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Cyd McDowell

If you read that title and thought you caught a typo, you did not. I did not mean to write mashed potatoes. I meant smashed. Smashed potatoes are, well, pure potato perfection. If you’re not familiar, you boil a bunch of small potatoes (like baby red potatoes or baby Yukon golds) until they’re fork-tender. Then you drain them, smash them, slather them with oil, and bake them until they’re nice and crispy. You can also grill them, as my brilliant colleague Patty pointed out in her equally brilliant recipe for smashed potatoes with a smoky garlic dressing.

Which is where this Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Griddle comes in. The latest launch from Made In, a Kitchn-editor-favorite direct-to-consumer cookware company, this new pan has been designed for use on the stove, grill, or even an open flame. It’s made from carbon steel, which acts a lot like cast iron only it heats up more quickly and clocks in at about half the weight. This griddle comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil (so it’s already nonstick and ready to go right out of the box), and you can order it with or without a bonus grill press. It’s a good-looking pan — like, ridiculously good looking. The sides flare upwards at just the right angle to help contain messes, and the handles are so well designed that you can tell it’s going to be a balanced pan before you even pick it up. (The handles, by the way, come with leather covers that you can slide on and use for transport to the table.) Hence why this pan is a dream for making smashed potatoes. 

I’ve been using it on my stovetop, spanning the two largest burners. After a quick pre-heat, the pan gets hot, hot, hot. My oil-covered potatoes sizzle in that oh-so-satisfying way when they hit the pan and again when I smash them with the press. The skins that touch the pan get wonderfully charred and crispy — even better than when I bake them or grill them on the actual grill — and no having to deal with broken-off pieces falling through the grates!)

Of course, it’s a must-have for more than just potatoes. You can also use it to get those coveted crusts on steaks, sear salmon filets, char vegetables, toast up sandwiches, and smash burgers. (Note: We should all be smashing more of our food!) I love using it on my stovetop while my husband grills outside; the power of teamwork! We did try it on our three-burner gas grill and, while we agreed that the burgers (both the smashed and the regular variety) and hot dogs came out better on the griddle versus when we just toss them onto the grates, we found the pan a bit tough to navigate onto and off of the grill. It was a tight fit, but if you have a bigger grill, you shouldn’t have a problem. Personally, I love having a great grilling option if it’s raining — I’ll just cook my burgers and dogs using this baby on the stovetop.

I’m also happy to report that the griddle performed well when it came time to make pancakes for a crowd. I appreciated that I was able to make rows of pancakes at once, instead of just two at a time in a single skillet. Are smashed pancakes a thing? Probably not but I’m going to see what else I can smash with this grill press.

Pros: The griddle is made of durable carbon steel, which heats up quickly; it can withstand heat up to 1200°F; it can be purchased with or without the grill press; it can be used on the stovetop, on the oven, or over an open flame; it’s stunning and well designed; comes with leather handle covers
Cons: It is rather large, so it might take up most or all of your grill space
Who it’s good for: Anyone who loves smashed potatoes! Okay, I’m kind of kidding here, but not really. I recommend this pan for anyone who wants to grill but doesn’t have outdoor space. Or anyone who has a small grill and needs to supplement with more surface area inside. Or anyone with a giant grill. You get the point.

Buy: Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Griddle, $179 (normally $188)

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