I Tried Made In’s Beautiful, Brand-New Bakeware — Here’s My Honest Review

published Apr 8, 2021
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Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

I love baking (I went to pastry school, after all) — and, therefore, I love bakeware. I love 8x8s and 9x13s, round cake pans, and oval-shaped dishes. All the bakeware!

So, as you can imagine, I’m always on the lookout for new bakeware. And when I found out that Made In, which makes cookware and knives that sell out faster than you can say “add to cart,” was coming out with its first-ever line of bakeware, I was ecstatic. And by first-ever, I mean totally brand new. And by totally brand new, I mean you can buy it starting today.

The line was designed in collaboration with iconic chef Nancy Silverton and includes a rectangular (9×13), square (8×8), and oval (5×10) baker, which can be purchased individually or as a set. And as if that wasn’t enough great news, Made In also just released a super limited-edition, Nancy Silverton floral-print bakeware set, inspired by one of Nancy’s vintage shirts. The prices for both sets are listed below:

Made In Porcelain Bakeware

  • Set: $189
  • Rectangle: $79
  • Square: $69
  • Oval: $69

Made In x Nancy Silverton Limited Edition Bakeware 

  • Set: $269
  • Rectangular: $109
  • Square: $99
  • Oval: $99

But, you might be asking, how well does this bakeware work? To find out, I got my hands on some pieces and put them to the test — baking brownies, roasting vegetables, and making mac and cheese. Here’s what I thought.

Initial Impressions

First, this bakeware is gorgeous, elegant, and timeless-looking. It’s made from white porcelain and comes with a blue or red rim that really pops. I love porcelain bakeware because it heats evenly and is not only oven-safe at high temperatures (in Made In’s case, 500°F!), but also microwave-safe. This is ideal for reheating, say, a casserole or gratin in a hurry.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

Cooking in the Bakeware

Not to put form over function, Made In’s bakeware performed well, too. It produced brownies and mac and cheese with crispy edges, and it roasted carrots and potatoes incredibly evenly. The square 8×8 size is ideal for desserts like brownies and blondies. The rectangular 9×13 dish is well-suited for things like casseroles, coffee cake, and roasted potatoes. And the oval dish worked well for roasting a little less than a half pound of carrots, but I’m super excited to make this cheesy ranch gratin in it.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

While I normally opt for large, looped handles that are easy to grip, Made In’s bakeware has rectangular handles that I was actually quite happy with. They are sizable enough to be easily grabbed, even with bulky oven mitts on, and I found that it’s a cinch to move the bakeware from the countertop to the oven and vice versa. As far as cleanup went, although this bakeware is dishwasher-safe, the company recommends hand-washing. For stuck-on food, I simply soaked the bakeware in soapy hot water and scrubbed it with one of my favorite non-scratch pads.

Overall, I think this classic-looking bakeware works well and is gorgeous. And while it is pricey, it’s a worthy investment. As the saying goes, sometimes you get what you paid for.

Buy the bakeware here, starting today!