Macy’s VIP Sale Has Massive Savings on Fall Cooking Essentials from All-Clad, Fiesta, and More Top Brands

published Sep 24, 2021
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Andrea Surette Kitchen.
Credit: Jennifer Chase

Fact: We love Macy’s. Further facts: Macy’s is one of the best sources for kitchen-related gifts. Even further facts: When it comes to selection, variety, and epic sale prices, Macy’s is unbeatable.

The retailer’s VIP sale — which starts today and goes through October 4 — is serving up some of the best deals we’ve ever seen. We’ve picked out 10 of the most shopping cart-worthy items on sale now. From reader-favorite Fiestaware to the stand mixer of our dreams, here’s everything you’ll need to cook your way through the holidays (and beyond). Don’t forget to use code “VIP” at checkout!

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was $669.99

All-Clad’s aluminum nonstick cookware is perfect for everyday cooking and holiday meal prep. This 10-piece set has quite literally everything you’ll need to whip up a meal, from the 13-inch square roasting pan to the duo of right-sized fry pans. This entire set is oven-safe (not all nonstick is!), and it’s designed for nesting storage (brilliant for small kitchens). With a perfect 5-star rating, this collection is at the very top of our list.

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was $107.00

Serve out of these colorful bowls. Store leftovers in them. Use them to transport food to a potluck. Keep them on your counter and let their cheery two-toned colors brighten your day! We’ve written about our crush on this set before, but if you’re new to Fiestaware, here’s what you need to know: Each bowl comes with an airtight locking lid, which is vented for microwave use. The colors will blend into any existing Fiestaware collection, or add a fun pop to whatever design element you’re working with. Warning: Once you start collecting Fiestaware, you won’t want to stop!

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was $158.99

An ultra-powerful blender that can handle ice and tough veggies is not easy to find for under $100. But this beauty from Black & Decker performs like a pro for less than $60. We love that it comes with 3 different pre-programmed settings and that it’s whisper-quiet. This is a great option for those who aren’t looking for tons of bells and whistles. As one 5-star reviewer noted, “I loved how easy it was to use the digital control panel.”

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was $199.99

So. Many. Colors! When an item this popular goes on sale, the most desirable colors are typically the first to fly off the (virtual) shelves. As of now, all of the hues are still available, including the harvest season-appropriate Persimmon. Its cast iron construction is made for superior heat retention and distribution, and the enameled interior means you’ll never have to worry about seasoning it. The large, circular shape makes it ideal for homemade bread baking, braises, and hearty stews. Honestly, there isn’t much this piece of cookware can’t do.

5 / 10
was $312.99

For home bakers, having a stand mixer is paramount. Invest in one, and you’ll effortlessly cream butter and sugar, mix together batters and doughs, and handle all of your holiday cookie requests like a pro. If the deep sale price on this one isn’t enough to entice you, the retro-chic sherbet colors will be. We call dibs on agave green.

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was $259.95

This luxe coffee and espresso maker is practically a miniature café in your own kitchen. It’s made by Breville and designed to brew a cup of coffee with superior crema (use that word to impress friends in your next game of Scrabble). If lattés and cappuccinos are your jam, you’ll appreciate the foam attachment, which can froth hot and cold milk. Unlike some espresso machines, this is simple to use, with button-touch technology.

7 / 10

This toaster oven is also an air fryer. (This air fryer is also a toaster oven?) Whichever way you slice it, Cuisinart’s multi-purpose appliance will surprise you with its usefulness. It’s equally adept at air frying, toasting, baking, and cooking with convection heat — in other words, your traditional oven had better sleep with one eye open. We love that it’s compact and easy to clean, with a nonstick interior and removable fry basket and tray. Reviews praise Cuisinart for its top-notch customer service and the flexibility of this “does it all” appliance.

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was $121.99

Every home cook needs a piece of cookware that’s pretty enough to go from the oven to the table. This 3.5-quart rectangular dish from Le Creuset is The One. Made from durable, dense stoneware, it can withstand hot and cold temperatures without cracking. It’s so well-constructed, you can even cut directly on it without scratching the colorful enamel. The lid is great for braising, but remove it and suddenly you’ve got a separate baking dish or a serving tray. Just brilliant.

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was $400.00

Just in time for all of those winter squashes and holiday roasts: a gorgeous and functional knife set. This is a luxe collection from one of our favorite knife makers. It’s self-sharpening, thanks to miniature ceramic honing wheels that activate every time you remove or replace a blade. Knife-savvy cooks will appreciate the inclusion of chef and santoku-style knives, and organizational heroes will love the pre-labeled slots, so everything goes back to its proper place.

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was $149.99

Buy this set... do it for the cookies. Alternatively, you could do it for the muffins, cakes, breads, and brownies. No matter how you use it, this is one of the best prices on a comprehensive bakeware set you’ll ever encounter. These heavy steel pans are outfitted with a nonstick layer for easy release and come with a lifetime warranty. Calphalon didn't have to toss in a cooling rack to sweeten the deal, but they did, and that’s the kind of classy touch that makes us fans.