Macy’s Is Having a Giant Sale on Pyrex Storage and Cookware — Shop Our Favorite Picks

published Mar 24, 2023
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Since the days of the first Tupperware home parties, the world of food storage containers has expanded significantly. There’s now a seemingly endless number of brands, shapes, and materials to choose from. It’s a good thing, then, that our editors are practically experts in which ones are worth your money. Most of us have our tried-and-trues, while others of us are frequently testing newer models on the market. But if you’re still torn about which ones to invest in, the best advice I could give you is to stick to the basics. Pyrex is a well-known brand for a reason. Namely, they specialize in top-quality food storage sets and bakeware that’ll last a long time without sustaining any serious wear and tear. Their meal prep must-haves come in so many shapes and sizes, you’ll never feel like you’re missing a specific type of container. Right now, you can shop a bunch of their storage sets and baking dishes for less at Macy’s. And as usual, we have lots of recs.

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Get every type of storage container you could possibly need for on-the-go lunches with this 22-piece set. Each piece is glass and therefore safe to go in the microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and even the oven, plus it comes with its own tight-fitting lid. Of course, the glass containers are going to be a bit heavier than plastic ones, but they're also, in turn, a lot more durable.

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Some measuring cups are marked so subtly, it's hard to tell if you've poured in one-half or two-thirds of a cup of your ingredient. You won't have that problem with this ergonomic glass cup, which sports bold red measurements. It won't absorb and flavors, pigments, or smells from its contents, and it's also a breeze to clean. This one has a 2-cup capacity, but you can also get a similar version with a 4-cup capacity.

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Whether you're bringing a dish to a potluck or preparing a meal and then storing the leftovers, you'll feel inclined to reach for these rectangular baking dishes. They, too, come with their own lids, which are much more convenient for storage than using aluminum foil or plastic wrap. The dishes are perfect for any number of baked meals, including casseroles, gratins, and desserts.

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These round containers are great for those eats you keep on the counter instead of inside the fridge. The reason, of course, is because they look so stylish with their acacia wood lids. You could even use them for storing other small items other than food, such as hair ties or cotton pads in the bathroom. They'll look great no matter where you put them.

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Pi Day might've passed, but you can indulge in endless homemade pies and quiches once you cop these heavy-duty dishes. They're made of Pyrex's signature thick glass, which distributes heat evenly throughout your desserts. And it's quite convenient that the dishes come in a set of two — you get one for sweet pies and one for savory pies!

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This 10-piece container set isn't too different from the ones we've covered thus far, but its glass vessels do come with those lids that lock into place with a satisfying click. The lids are also totally leak-proof and airtight, not to mention BPA-free and just as safe to go in the microwave or dishwasher as the containers, themselves.

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It goes without saying that this glass baking dish is super convenient if you're looking to prepare two meals in half the time it would normally take. A divider keeps juices and flavors in their own isolated compartments, which is especially great if you're cooking for picky eaters. Keep side meals like veggies or pasta dishes on one side and proteins on the other.

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It doesn't matter if you're storing a full-sized lasagna or a handful of uneaten rice — this chic 10-piece container set will hold it all in style. We love the glass dishes' simple white lids, which are oven-safe. And because these containers are transparent like all Pyrex storage containers, you'll always be able to quickly tell what's inside each one.

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This five-piece bakeware set is ideal for smaller households. You still get a couple of larger dishes, but the remaining two are the perfect size for individual meals that require less cleanup. The 3-quart baker in this set also comes with its own plastic lid, so you even get a piece that's useful for bringing homemade eats to a loved one's house.

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The cool thing about these FreshLock Plus containers is that each of their leak-proof lids has its own Write + Erase label, meaning you can mark it with your name, what's inside, or perhaps the date it was cooked. This is especially helpful if you live with roommates or prepare school lunches for your kids. The 10-piece set also comes with a variety of different container shapes and sizes.