I’m Hoping This $16 Frying Pan Set Will Save My Relationship (at Least It’s on Sale)

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Part of being an adult is admitting you have a favorite piece of cookware. You reach for it more often than any other piece of cookware, knowing it can get you through just about any meal without fail. My favorite happens to be my boyfriend’s favorite as well, an affordable 12-inch nonstick T-Fal fry pan. It’s just so easy to use in every way: lightweight yet sturdy, a cinch to clean, and cooks everything evenly. But since we’re both home more often these days, we constantly find ourselves in a battle over who gets to use it first. Rather than risk ruining our relationship over a pan, I finally decided that buying more T-Fal fry pans was probably a smart move, and as luck would have it, Macy’s has some on major sale right now! Normally priced at $59.99, this set of two T-Fal pans is incredibly priced at just $15.99 with promo code HOME. Yes, that’s almost 75 percent off a set of pans that might not only save my relationship but also save me a ton of money in the process.

To be honest, my boyfriend needs something nonstick since he has a tendency to burn his food. T-Fal’s nonstick coating ensures his chicken doesn’t stick even with his limited use of fat in the pan, and the aluminum base heats evenly. It has handy Thermo-Spot technology which glows red in the center when it’s properly heated, so he knows the exact moment to lay that piece of fish down. He now cooks more but burns less, and I don’t have to worry about the fire alarm going off or spending hours scrubbing pans after we’re done with dinner. The non-stick makes for a much faster clean up anyway, but it’s also dishwasher safe. And based on the number of times it’s gone through a rinse cycle and survived, I know buying a few more is a worthy investment.

For me, T-Fal was a surprising choice given the amount of expensive, fancy brands I’ve invested in over the years. While I love my All-Clad and Le Creuset, nothing comes close to the constant rotation of our lightweight, yet sturdy T-Fal pan on a daily basis. I love having something I don’t need two hands to lift up. I can toss a stir fry or easily transfer a one-pan meal to a platter without struggling. The handle is light and comfortable, and I’ve never once doubted its strength under the weight of my meal. We have a gas stove now, but his T-Fal previously lived on an induction cooktop with no issues, so I know purchasing more is a smart move no matter where we live in the future.

I’m excited about getting the eight- and ten-inch fry pans for the house because I don’t always need a larger pan. My egg white scramble in the morning and my boyfriend’s quick one-serving lunch will finally have size-appropriate vessels, and we can save our trusty large pan for dinner together. But the biggest pro? We constantly won’t be fighting over one pan. And for a little less than $16, that’s totally worth it!

Buy: T-Fal Culinaire Fry Pans (set of Two), $15.99 (normally $59.99)