Macy’s Massive Fiesta Sale Is On and Includes My Favorite Coffee Mugs

updated Feb 2, 2021
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woman having a cup of coffee while standing in her kitchen at home
Credit: Dean Mitchell/Getty Images

There isn’t any scientific evidence to prove this, but I think we can all agree that even the most delicious cup of coffee tastes rather meh in a nondescript styrofoam cup. There’s something just inherently comforting and almost romantic about wrapping your hands around a beautiful mug. As someone who’s hardly ever spotted without a warm beverage, I have slowly accumulated a formidable collection of rather lovely mugs. The iconic #TheMug from East Fork is my go-to for black coffee or tea, and I have an assortment of cheery holiday mugs and ones with my alma mater logos that I routinely pull out for hot chocolate or freshly squeezed lemon in warm water. The only thing missing? The perfect latte mug.

As an avid Fiestaware collector (yes, I’m an accumulator of many random objects), I’m constantly combing every Macy’s sale in an attempt to find new additions. And that’s when I came across this rather humongous mug that, according to several glowing reviews, is the perfect vessel for soups, cereal, and yes, lattes! I had to try it out for myself.

Right out of the box, I could see these mugs were huge and incredibly deep (they’re officially called Jumbo Cups). Made from high-quality ceramic, they’re remarkably lightweight given their size, and they can go in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven, which makes me think they’d be perfect for serving souffle once I’m entertaining again. And just like my Fiesta dinnerware pieces, they haven’t chipped, cracked, or discolored yet, despite being put to the test in my kitchen. I’ve used these versatile vessels to serve everything from soup to bread pudding (and that one time, leftover biryani because I was out of clean plates). They also have roomy handles for extra grip, which is a huge pro if you like to sip on your beverage while holding a book or your phone in the other hand.

Quality and features aside, what’s truly great about these pieces is their sheer size — which feels just right for frothy coffee drinks. I usually had to shave off the extra froth that didn’t fit in my regular mugs, but these big beauties are generous and accommodating. It makes me happy to dunk an entire hot chocolate bomb without having to crumble it as I would in a mug with a smaller mouth (life can be tough sometimes … ). What can I say, I love these mugs! Simply clutching the extra-large cup makes me feel like I’m on the set of a Nancy Meyers movie, or maybe at the table right next to Lorelai’s at Luke’s Diner.

I currently own just two of these cups (in cobalt and lemongrass), but I’m looking to add more fun colors, which is fantastic because they’re currently marked down as part of the Macy’s Big Home Sale. And if you plug in the code HOME during checkout, you can earn an additional 20 percent off the already-discounted price. The sale also includes tons of Fiesta dinnerware and serveware pieces, including this super cute egg plate that I’m adding to my cart ASAP (done!). If you do end up snagging these for yourself, leave me a comment below and we can raise a virtual jumbo toast in our new jumbo mugs!

Buy: Fiesta 18-oz. Jumbo Cup, $8.79 (normally $19)