If You Love Pyrex, You Don’t Want to Miss This Epic Sale

published Aug 4, 2023
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Pyrex has been all the rage lately, and we’ve been loving it. Beloved for their durability and fun colors, people have even been dedicatedly shopping for vintage pieces from the brand over the past couple of years. And, even though you used to be able to find Pyrex dishes and containers for just a few bucks in a thrift store, now some of the older designs can go for hundreds of dollars, if not more. If you search a little harder, you can find a few under $80, but if you’re looking on a site like Etsy, they’re few and far between.

However, if you’re like me and just can’t convince yourself to splurge that much — and you’re a bit weary of any imperfections that come with vintage dishware — Macy’s is having a major sale on some brand-new Pyrex items right now. I’m talking up to 30 percent off, and on a few, you can even get an extra 20 percent off with the code HOME. The sale only lasts for a limited time, though, so check out all the storage solutions you need to grab ASAP!

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was $76.00

You can cover all your food storage needs in one purchase with this colorful 22-piece storage set. It has over 700 five-star reviews, and one reviewer said, “This is a great glass storage set that stacks nicely in our kitchen drawer for storage containers. Very convenient for freezing and heating in the microwave. Lids seal nicely without taking up extra space, as our older set with ‘tabs’ on each side does.”

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was $10.00

Instead of juggling a set of individual measuring cups, this classic glass one can measure from a quarter to 2 cups. It’ll last you for years and years, and it’ll surely become a staple in your kitchen.

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was $55.00

If you want your lids to be extra secure, this set has ones that lock on all four sides. It comes with two 4-cup, two 1-cup, and one 6-cup containers, and has a near perfect rating at 4.9 stars. “Just right for storing leftovers and other food items,” one reviewer praised. “Traded up from my old round Pyrex for a better fit in the fridge and on shelves.”

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was $46.00

If you’re a bit low on storage space and can’t commit to 24 pieces, this one is half the amount, and like the other set, it’s also microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and the glass is stain- and odor-resistant.

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was $39.00

This set is perfect for everything from casseroles to desserts, and with the secure lids, you can be sure that your leftovers will stay fresh for a long time. “I bring food to my friends all the time and it looks so tacky when I have to wrap it with plastic,” one reviewer noted. “I love my Pyrex with lids!”

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was $28.00

This handy dish has a division down the middle, which is perfect for keeping foods separate or even use half for chips and the other for dip. So, you can cook two foods at the same time, and use it as a serving dish later.

7 / 10
was $58.00

This set is round, but it also has the locking tabs on the lids that ensure extra fresh food. “I've used Pyrex for years (and even collect the vintage!) and as much as I love modern Pyrex, I often take issue with the lids. Let me tell you, the lids on these are spot-on,” a reviewer confirmed. “They're glass with quite the sturdy seal and haven't warped or cracked when I've washed them or put them in the microwave.”

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was $49.00

This 3-quart and 8-inch baking set comes with Pyrex’s trademark tight lids, and the easy grab handles make for smooth transport. The dishes even come with two smaller glass containers for ingredients, which will make your kitchen way more organized and tidy.

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was $31.99

This extra deep dish can accommodate more layers of food, and the glass lid also works as a more shallow baking dish. Even better, they stack on top of each other for more compact storage. They can go in the oven and microwave as well as the freezer for when you want to save your leftovers for later — and you can pop them into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

10 / 10
was $49.00

“I adore the sturdy glass construction of my food storage containers, and how easy it is to heat up leftovers in the microwave (and in many cases, eat said leftovers directly out of the Pyrex),” The Kitchn contributor Ashley Abramson wrote in her review of these mixing bowls. “Bonus? The glass never gets stained or smells like last week’s dinner.”