Macy’s Is Taking on Prime Day with Its Own Epic Sale — These Are the Deals You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Credit: Leslie McKeller

Finding time to appreciate the so-called “summer doldrums” is hard. It’s much easier — and more rewarding — to find great deals on all the kitchen accessories you’ll enjoy having all year-round. And thanks to all the sales out there competing with Amazon Prime Day (like Our Place and Dyson), there are a lot of good deals to be had.

Right now, Macy’s is one of the best places to look for seasonal discounts, thanks to their Black Friday in July Sale. You can grab cooking essentials and brand-new home appliances — all from big-name brands like Pyrex and KitchenAid — at prices you may not find any other time of the year.

To save you time, we’re highlighting the ten best deals we found across Macy’s entire site. So whether you could use some new baking dishes, glass mixing bowls, or you’re finally ready for a gorgeous cast-iron Dutch oven, Macy’s has those must-haves (and more!) at can’t-miss prices.

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was $166.99

When it's too hot to turn on your oven (hello, 90-degree days!), it's time to turn to the toaster oven. Black & Decker decked out their latest model with a full range of heat settings (including bake, broil, toast, and warm), plus a bonus air fry mode for extra crispiness, extra quickly.

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was $49.00

Bowls that come with lids are so much more than bowls — they're pasta salad storage vessels for picnics; they're fruit serving dishes for cookouts; they're leftover heroes. And, if they're made by Pyrex, they're microwave- and dishwasher-safe. This cute 8-piece set includes four bowls that nest within each other, plus secure lids that will keep your contents fresh and leak-proof for as long as you need.

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was $199.95

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Now you can score your java fix any which way you like it. Braun finally made a machine that prepares perfect portions for a variety of brewing methods, from single-cup servings and big breakfast pots to brunch party carafes. As a bonus, there's also an "over ice" setting for chill summer treats. You'll never have to wait in line for iced coffee again.

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was $129.95

If you've been holding out for the perfect Instant Pot deal, now's the time. The iconic appliance can replace your rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and yogurt maker, so you know you're investing in a piece that will be put to work in your kitchen. Don't believe us? These 50 recipes are just a glimpse of what this gadget is capable of. Told ya so.

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was $309.95

Stick vacuums are many people's vacuum of choice — and for good reason. Their slim design keeps them out of the way, while their powerful suction and changeable attachments clean practically any surface anywhere in your home. Invest in the Shark Pet Pro model — complete with a removable hand vac and up to 40 minutes of run time — and we can promise you won't look back!

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was $95.00

The classic fluted design on these baking dishes elevates any meal to an occasion to connect with friends and family — plus, we always appreciate the convenience of being able to serve food in the same dish it was cooked in. This diverse 10-piece set allows for maximum flexibility, with two oval bakers, two oval side dishes, a pair of ramekins, and lids for it all.

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was $164.95

Countertop gardens have a way of making any kitchen feel homier. They're also excellent for first-time gardeners, who may be overwhelmed at the thought of planting a full-blow outdoor garden just yet. The good news? This AeroGarden couldn't be simpler. Just pick your seed pods — flowers, herbs, or vegetables — and enjoy your own homegrown greenery any time of year.

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was $159.99

A selection of show-stopping colors — and more than 50 percent off — make it easy to say yes to Martha Stewart's classic cast-iron Dutch oven. With a generous 4-quart capacity that makes weeknight meals a breeze, this is the one cooking vessel you'll never want to part with.

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was $148.99

Steam mops changed the mop game for good. How? They let you easily clean hardwood, carpet, tile, and laminate flooring with just one device (aka no messy bucket required!). This slim design from True & Tidy has the added bonus of a built-in water filter and speedy 30-second heating time to make quick work of everyone's most dreaded chore.

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was $29.99

Some kitchen appliances are purely meant for fun, and nothing says fun like enjoying freshly popped popcorn. This easy-to-use popcorn maker from Bella comes in cute retro colors, and the measuring cup lets you melt butter using the heat from the machine. Translation: Your movie nights just got a serious upgrade!