Macy’s One-Day Sale Includes This Editor-Loved Quiet Blender for 40% Off

published May 13, 2022
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Credit: Darren Muir/Stocksy

We all know that blenders are so much more versatile than just making smoothies — although a very important aspect! And with such frequent use for soups, purees, food prep, and of course, smoothies, there’s one thing that’s likely to get on your nerves: the noise. As much as we cherish this essential kitchen tool, there’s seemingly no way to get around the loud, disruptive sound that might even deter you from using it, especially if you live with others. That is, until we met the Black + Decker PowerCrush Digital Blender with Quiet Technology

That’s right, this powerful blender features quiet technology minimizes noise as you crush ice and blend frozen fruit. If you’ve ever avoided making smoothies because of a slumbering household or held off from an afternoon protein shake while someone is on a Zoom call, then this genius blender is perfect for your daily routine. And it gets even better: It’s on major sale! Take advantage of this one-day sale at Macy’s to knock a whopping 40 percent off, bringing it under $100 (AKA an amazing price for a high-powered blender!).

Not only is this blender a great tool at an even better price, but it also happens to be a favorite pick among our editors. Kitchn executive lifestyle director, Lisa, can attest to its impressive noise-reducing abilities. “If you’ve ever tried to make a morning smoothie while the rest of your household sleeps in, you’ll appreciate this blender. It’s seriously so quiet!” she says. “It’s impressive that it can be that quiet, while also still blending up ice and frozen fruit!” Although not entirely silent, it delivers a gentler and more muffled sound than the loud, aggressive tone you’re probably used to.

Of course, the Black + Decker PowerCrush Blender is also an amazing appliance in addition to being quiet! It features a high-speed 900-watt blending system that can blend, crush, and puree with three easy-to-use speeds. There’s also a pulse button and three drink settings specifically designed for smoothies, icy drinks, and shakes. It’ll become the ultimate drink destination for frozen cocktails and ice cream concoctions, too!

We also love the features that make this blender so convenient to use. There’s an easy pour spout so you can keep the lid on while you fill cups, making the process much less messy. Plus, the ingredient slot on the lid allows you to add solid or liquid ingredients while blending (which would be especially useful if you want to add a little extra milk or frozen fruit to your drink). And, any smoothie aficionado will love the included 18-ounce jar for on-the-go beverages. When you’re done blending, you can put the jars, blade, and lids right in the dishwasher.

Start summer off on the right foot with this high-powered Black + Decker blender. You’ll be whipping up fruit smoothies, milkshakes, and icy piña coladas without any hassle!

Buy: Black + Decker PowerCrush Digital Blender, $94.99 (normally $158.99)