These Space-Saving Kitchen Essentials from One of Our Favorite Brands Are on Major Discount at Macy’s

updated Sep 28, 2022
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A clean, natural-lit white kitchen with wood countertops
Credit: Lana Kenney

Is it us, or is there never enough space in the kitchen? Whether we’re cooking in roomy kitchens or cozy galleys, it feels like we’re always one cabinet short of having all the storage we need. Luckily for us, smart storage is as much about creativity as it is about drawers and cabinets. Utilizing every nook and cranny — including areas you might not even think of as potential storage spots — will make your kitchen neater, your meal prep easier, and your cleanup quicker. And nobody knows how to organize a kitchen like Joseph Joseph. From ingenious cutlery keepers to precisely nested containers, this brand has helped many a Kitchn staffer turn a messy countertop, cupboard, or drawer into a model of tidiness. And right now, Macy’s is offering 25 percent off some of our favorite Joseph Joseph organizing solutions. (Just remember to use code VIP at checkout to see the discounted price.) Here are the deals you shouldn’t pass up.

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Say goodbye to that motley crew of takeout containers and orphaned lids. This color-coded storage set takes the guesswork out of packing dinner leftovers and lunchboxes. When not in use, the lids snap neatly together to make storage, well, a snap. And, we love a clear container: When you can see your food, it's less likely to go bad.

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Is it weird to be so excited about a cutlery organizer? We don't care — this one is just too cool. With clever overlapping compartments and deep wells for gadgets, it will actually hold everything you need. No more misfits rattling around loose in your drawers!

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Shelves are a great way to maximize storage and keep your cupboards neat and tidy. This one expands from 10 to 16 inches, so you won't waste any space. (And, there's plenty of clearance underneath for tucking in even more items!) Raised edges and locking legs keep everything right where it belongs.

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If you have a small kitchen, then you know that getting creative with storage is key. That's exactly what these hanging dry food containers do: Just install the rail on the underside of your shelves and slide the containers in. The lids will hold them in place, and — voila! — you'll add storage space out of thin air. Literally.

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This sleek countertop organizer is part of the Joseph Joseph 100 Collection, which celebrates original form and innovative function. We're celebrating how the compact, minimalist design incorporates enough storage to keep knives, gadgets, and utensils in one easy-to-reach place. It even comes with its own non-slip, oak chopping board tucked neatly in the back.

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Two sizes make this set twice as useful. The mini colander is perfect for rinsing berries, cherry tomatoes, and other small produce. The full-size handles large veggie washing and pasta draining — plus, the rounded corners ensure emptying is mess-free. And being able to use a colander with just one hand? Who would have thought!

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Tidying up the kitchen sink offers a lovely sense of accomplishment for minimal effort. And having an organizer to store your sponges and brushes makes the task even quicker. The bottom pops right off for easy cleaning, too.

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Now you can give your lids a place to call their own. These mount to cabinet doors without hardware and instantly reduce stovetop clutter. The set fits multiple sizes, so no lid gets left behind!

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These stackable garbage/recycling bins work great because of a neat design trick: The bottom bin slides out when you need it — and slides back when you don't. A filter in the top lid also cuts down on odors and moisture buildup, making your trash less yucky. Who knew the phrase "modular waste system" could be so appealing?