The $18 Gadget That Chills Iced Coffee and Tea in One Minute (Yes, You Read That Right!)

published Jun 9, 2023
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Black woman drinking coffee from a mug she's holding with both hands
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To some people, their coffee routine is sacred, a daily morning routine that’s never strayed from and that’s been perfected over years of trial and error. Sometimes, people carve out time in their day to savor it and sit with it. On the other hand, there are those who might love their daily drink just as much, but they just want to get it done as fast as possible. They’re probably drinking their coffee in a rush as they head out the door — or they end up going to the closest coffee shop. Probably, it’s most common to oscillate between the two (at least it is in my case), but the common thread between all kinds of coffee aficionados is that you want your drink to be in the best shape possible, so it sets the best tone for your day.

This tool I came across is perfect for either kind of beverage drinker — and it isn’t just limited to coffee (I see you, tea lovers). And now that the summer heat is getting more and more stifling, you’re likely turning away from steamy drinks and toward their iced counterparts. (Personally, in the summer, I find hot drinks unbearable.) The Hyperchiller Coffee and Beverage Cooler will instantly elevate your summer beverage routine — say goodbye to ice-diluted drinks — no matter what it looks like. And, drumroll, please: It’s on sale right now for a limited time!

What is the Hyperchiller Coffee Cooler?

The Hyperchiller does exactly what it sounds like it does — but it’s even better than you probably would expect. You don’t need to suffer from the ice completely melting in your drink anymore with this nifty gadget; it’ll chill hot coffee up to a whopping 130 degrees in only a minute flat. It’s extremely easy to use, too. Just fill it with water once, pop it in the freezer overnight before you want to use it in the morning, then stick it under your brewer — it’s designed to fit into most full-size, single-cup brewers, so you’re all set!

And as mentioned, of course, you can chill more than coffee and tea in the high volume, 12.5-ounce container — you can also cool alcohol, like whiskey and wine, and anything else you may want to be iced to perfection. And when you’re all done with your chilled drink for the day, it’s dishwasher-safe, so clean up is no hassle at all.

Credit: Macy's

What Macy’s Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.2/5

“This is so easy. No longer need to drink diluted coffee in order for it to be iced!!!” – FraC

“In 60 seconds, the coffee went from 140 degrees to cool tap water temp. Poured it into my glass, added ice and added some cold frothed milk from my new K-Cafe brewer. Can you say heaven? It has been worth every penny.” – CMabon49

“This is part of my daily coffee-making routine when I’m having iced drinks. Easy to use, quick chill, and does not take up much space in the freezer. A must have for coffee lovers.” – cal22

You don’t have to pay $5 for a Starbucks iced coffee once you get this gadget — and if you want to start saving money as soon as possible this summer, I recommend grabbing the Hyperchiller right now. It’s on sale for only a short time at Macy’s (just use the code FRIEND at checkout)! With how much you’ll save on purchased iced beverages, the $18 sale price is more than worth it.

Buy: Hyperchiller Coffee and Beverage Cooler, $17.49 (usually $24.99)