Bring Some Cheer to Your Table with Macy’s Giant Fiestaware Sale (It’s 40% Off!)

published Jan 19, 2023
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One of the simplest pleasures in life is collecting and owning pretty things. These can be little trinkets and souvenirs that you buy for the express purpose of displaying, or they can take the form of furniture, rugs, cookware, and other practical items that you use on the daily. The latter is especially true for dinnerware. If you’re into a muted, minimalist look, that’s totally fine. But, it can be fun to broaden your tastes and go for something sporting a one-of-a-kind ceramic finish or a funky shape. When it comes to eye-catching dishes, you can always head to Macy’s for Fiestaware. These vibrant serveware pieces are sure to delight everyone at the dinner table, and right now, you can score popular pieces for 40 percent off during Macy’s two-day sale! There’s so much more to discover there than just bowls and cups (although there are plenty of those, too). Need some examples? Just keep reading to see our top picks.

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was $26.00

Bowl plates such as this one are so convenient because you wont have to worry about pushing anything off the edge of your plate while eating. Grab a few in the same color, or mix and match to create a rainbow-like collection.

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was $32.00

Even if your table is crowded, you'll never lose sight of the salt and pepper when they're housed in these hard-to-miss shakers. Their bubble shape is so fun to look at and pick up, plus you can get a really good grip and douse your food with as much seasoning as you need. It's all about the small details!

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was $22.00

Of course, Fiesta makes dinner plates, as well. You can't exactly call them "simple," but they really are perfect for everyday meals. At just $13 a piece, you'll definitely want to grab more than one. No collection is complete without these.

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was $57.50

Forego serving your butter in a basic side plate and opt instead for one of these classy butter dishes. Each one comes with its own lid that helps slow down the melting process, plus its extra-large capacity can easily house more than one stick at a time. And, it's so easy to pass around!

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was $43.00

This large bistro bowl is perfect for saucier recipes, such as pasta, salads, and other mixed dishes. It provides plenty of surface area, allowing you to stir and get the perfect bite. The bowl comes in other sizes, too, though this one is great whether you're sharing or not.

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was $17.50

For just $10, you can purchase one of these durable coffee mugs, which has just the right capacity for that important first cup of the day. Available in six lively hues, the mug would look so cute as a duo, so now's your chance to get one for both yourself and your partner, roomate, or parent.

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was $86.00

This pitcher is certainly not for the demure host, as demonstrated by its larger-than-life shape and size. It'll undoubtedly garner tons of compliments and questions on where you got it as you serve iced tea, lemonade, or water from its easy-pour spout. It's just the piece for spring and summer outdoor dining.

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One way to elevate any dinner party is to serve casseroles and baked desserts in individual ceramic dishes such as this one as opposed to one large dish that everyone has to scoop from. Given its 13-ounce capacity, the dish provides more than enough space for any one-person meal. You can also use it to serve sides.

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was $50.00

That's right — you can now take Fiesta on the go! This eight-piece set features four stainless steel bowls with matching airtight lids that are perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge, taking them to work, and warming them in the microwave. Nothing will spill out or spoil, plus you can stack the bowls on top of one another to save shelf space.

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was $23.00

As you've seen by now, Fiesta has lots of versatile bowl-plate variations. But, if you're just looking for a standard soup or cereal bowl, try the Gusto. These are super sturdy, so you can also fill them with snacks and take them to the couch without worrying about accidentally knocking one over and breaking it. The only difficulty you'll experience is deciding which colors to choose.