Macy’s Just Launched Their Early Black Friday Deals and These Are the Best Kitchen Finds

published Nov 3, 2021
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Credit: Minette Hand

Whether you start holiday shopping early or just like to have a “treat yourself” moment, there’s no better opportunity to score huge deals than Black Friday. This year, we’ve got our eyes on some *highly* enviable kitchen appliances and tools, thanks to Macy’s Early Black Friday event. The sale runs through Sunday and applies to all items in-store and on Macy’s website — you don’t even need an access code. 

We’ve checked out the sale and highlighted the best deals for your kitchen (or, um, that person on your gift list’s kitchen). Hot tip: Run, don’t walk, to the dual coffee maker.

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was $529.99

Who gives out vacuums for the holidays? You do, if you want to be on everyone’s nice list. This is the ultimate in luxury vacs, without the hefty price tag. It’s light as a feather (well, a seven-pound feather), and runs for 40 minutes without a charge. We love this for kitchen cleanup, but don’t be surprised if you use it to tackle your whole house. Did we mention Macy’s slashed THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS off the price? Sorry for yelling, but wow!

2 / 10
was $374.99

This is a very attractive blender, which is not something we say about every blender. It’s sleek and handsome — again, not typical small appliance language. But you can hardly blame us for gushing over this powerful 1,400-watt superstar. It’s ultra fast and quiet as a whisper. Plus, its parts are removable and dishwasher safe, so while it looks glossy and high maintenance, it couldn’t be easier to maintain.

3 / 10
was $94.99

If you like pour-over coffee, you need a gooseneck kettle. The thin, curved spout allows for better control when brewing — and that translates into a tastier cup. We’re big fans of this electric kettle, which won’t take up precious stovetop real estate and has temperature-specific controls for the perfect cup of java (or tea).

4 / 10
was $249.99

We are all about this innovative coffee maker. It’s dual purpose and can brew just a cup or a whole carafe. Translation: You absolutely must grab one before you’re forced to make a dozen individual pour-over coffees on Christmas morning. It’s cleverly designed, with a removable tray to accommodate tall cups and travel mugs. See also: Charcoal water filter, pretty bright white exterior, and three-year warranty. Sold!

5 / 10
was $80.99

Question: Do you need a toaster oven? Answer: Yes, one thousand times yes. These babies are so convenient for reheating leftovers, broiling, melting cheese, roasting, and, duh, making toast. The Black & Decker model is under $40 — not a price you see every day. It’s the little things that make this such a good buy, including the removable crumb tray and customizable settings.

6 / 10
was $162.99

This kettle can do basically everything except babysit your children. Not only does it heat water to beverage-specific temperatures, it has a larger-than-typical capacity (50 ounces), a cool-touch exterior, and a “keep warm” feature. It’s also gorgeous and more than $30 off right now — yay and yay!

7 / 10
was $349.99

Back in the day, pressure cookers did only one thing, but appliances these days are such try-hards — like this modern marvel from Ninja, which performs 14 cooking tasks. It’s intuitive and simple to use thanks to its programmable options, and you can use it to make yogurt, air fry a bunch of potatoes, sous vide steak, or simply keep a meal warm. Customers love this thing, with one five-star reviewer asking, “The real question is not what can it do, but rather what can it not do??”

8 / 10
was $99.00

Clean all of the things! If you’re looking for one vacuum that does everything, this is the one. With an extendable hose, plus brush and crevice tool attachments and an easy-to-empty canister, it is an actual pleasure to use. Shark is one of the most trusted names in the vacuum biz, and frankly, we’d pay a lot more than $99 for this baby.

9 / 10
was $142.99

Blended foods (read: smoothies and creamy soups) are amazing. Cleaning massive blenders is not amazing. Thank goodness for personal blenders, which pack a powerful motor but are much easier to use and clean. This one from Zwilling isn’t just efficient, it’s a work of art. We particularly like the modern design and techy features, including a power panel that becomes invisible when powered off. We feel like even Batman would approve.

10 / 10
was $124.99

Under $100 and the perfect size for batch-cooking without being a bulky monster, this might just be the ideal food processor. It’s an impressive 350 watts and comes with a two-year warranty. “The Gold Standard! There is no better product in this category,” says one reviewer, while others praise its small footprint. We love it, too.