Macy’s Is Buzzing with Huge Deals on Coffee and Cold Brew Makers from Black & Decker, Ninja, and More Big Brands

published Feb 23, 2023
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Perfecting your daily coffee routine is more complicated than some might realize. First, are you an instant coffee, pods, or grounds type of person? And, if it’s the latter, do you buy beans and grind them yourself? What’s your preferred style? Let’s say you have all of this down pat, and your cup still isn’t to your liking — chances are, you just don’t have the right machine. Perhaps yours is old, or you’ve realized you’d prefer to wake up to cold coffee instead of a piping-hot cup. In any case, your best bet is to head to Macy’s, where you’ll find dozens of top-brand machines suited to almost every taste. What’s more, they’re on sale! Whether you’re after something that requires little effort, brews in a flash, or both, you’re bound to find it here. Just keep reading to see the ones we recommend.

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was $229.95

If you like both pods and grounds, the Ninja DualBrew Pro won't limit you. If anything, it'll give you more choices than you've ever had before. Choose amid four brew styles, including rich, over ice, and specialty, as well as four pod sizes and nine grounds sizes. You can even use the DualBrew's separate hot water system to make tea, oatmeal, and other instant eats.

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was $67.00

Buying pre-packaged cold brews from the grocery store adds up over time, so save your dollars by investing in this affordable cold brew maker. It produces tasty brews with no acidity. Just grab it from the fridge in the morning and enjoy icy coffee without having to wait. What's more, the brewer is made of sturdy borosilicate glass and only takes a few seconds to hand-wash.

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Enjoy extra aromatic coffee when you pass it through this sleek percolator. It makes one cup per minute, so you won't be standing around waiting extensively for the water to boil. The kettle's detachable cord also makes pouring a breeze. Macy's shoppers love how compact it is, making the percolator perfect for tiny kitchens.

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Whether you want a mild brew or a bold wakeup, Instant Pot's single-serve machine has your needs covered. This coffee maker works with disposable pods, but it also comes with a reusable pod that you can fill with grounds. Additionally, the machine's water reservoir has an impressive 40-ounce capacity, meaning you won't have to refill it every day.

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Instant Pot also makes this stylish cold brewer, which arrives with its own touch screen stand that lets you customize each batch. The pitcher is removable and works for both coffee and tea, producing refreshing beverages for every season. It's no surprise that this brewer is selling fast, so grab yours at a discount while you still can.

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With all the pod-based machines on the market, you might've bought into the misconception that drip coffee is a hassle to make. This 12-cup brewer proves otherwise. Not only will it produce enough coffee to get you through the entire day, but it also has a 24-hour auto brew feature that allows you to wake up to a fresh pot every morning. It doesn't get any simpler!

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was $199.95

Brew everything from 5-ounce single servings to full carafes at the push of a button on this versatile coffee maker. It's the ideal option for big families, as its large pot can supply the whole household with energy in just one brew. Shoppers liken owning this machine to having their own in-house barista thanks to the delicious results it produces

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was $298.95

There's no denying that this drip coffee maker is one of the most elegant appliances you can buy. Its matte white design and bronze details will add an expensive-looking touch to your counter. Of course, the machine functions beautifully, too, producing up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. You can even select how strong you want each batch to be.

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was $28.99

If you're not in a place to splurge or just wanting something to hold you over until you buy the Nespresso of your dreams, this Bella drip coffee maker is the solution. It's hard to believe it's only $20 when you consider how well it works. This tiny appliance is also a nice option for dorms or small apartments, as it won't take up too much table space.

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was $70.00

JoyJolt also makes their popular cold brewer in this larger 48-ounce capacity, which is great if you like to share with a roommate or partner. It'll remain safe inside your fridge thanks to its non-slip silicone bottom. The brewer also comes with a removable mesh filter that makes hand-washing the pitcher no hassle at all.