The $25 Amazon Find That’ll Eliminate Your Spice Drawer Clutter

published Aug 2, 2022
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Jenny Albertini spice drawer.
Credit: Jennifer Chase

There’s something about streamlining your kitchen that makes you feel like a better cook — and these days, there’s a solution that makes every step of the process easier and more organized. Struggle with messy countertops mid-cook? Invest in a great spoon rest. Unable to ever find the right top for your saucepan? A wire organizer may do the trick. Sick of combing through tons of utensils to find your spatula? Invest in a handy organizer. See what we mean?

While the “problem areas” in your kitchen can be impacted by your space or your cooking style, there are some universal hot spots in the kitchen that can always use a little tending to. One of the biggest? Our spice collections. Not only can they get out of control quickly — and we mean really quickly — but the hassle of having to shuffle through jars and jars of product just to find the right spice for your coconut chicken curry or spice-roasted salmon recipe can seriously slow you down and take the fun out of cooking.

Needless to say, we’re always on the lookout for clever spice storage solutions here at Kitchn and love to bring you our finds, knowing everyone’s needs are a bit different. From totally ~*aesthetic*~ options to small space savers, we’ve come across some great gems over the years — and now we have another to add to that collection. Enter: Lynk Professional’s Spice Rack Tray.

Designed with drawer storage in mind, this tiered spice rack comes in two different sizes, the larger of which can easily hold up to 32 standard-size spice jars. Unlike many spice racks, which are typically made of bamboo, the Lynk Professional tray is designed with heavy gauge steel with a metal epoxy finish that promises not to crack, warp, break, or splinter. Translation: You can trust that this is one investment that will remain in your kitchen for a long time to come. It can even easily be wiped clean and won’t hold onto the color from more pigmented spices that happen to spill out, like curry or saffron.

Installation could not be easier — in fact, that’s almost too complicated a word for what you actually have to do to get up and running with this rack. Simply slide it into your drawer, put your existing spice bottles on top of it (or splurge on a matching set of glass jars if you want to be fancy!), and hit the ground running — err, cooking. Keep in mind that you’ll want to make sure your drawer has at least 3 1/4 inches of clearance so you’re still able to close your drawer with your spices in place, but that’s about it!

With over 7,700 five-star reviews on Amazon, it’s clear this easy insert is a winner for kitchens (and cooks) of all types. Buyers love the low profile of the rack itself, which makes it more flexible for all types of cabinetry. “I must have looked at every spice rack on Amazon and elsewhere trying to find one suitable for drawers that only have a smidge more than 3.75 inches clearance,” says one happy customer. “This is the only one where the rack itself is only 1.25 inches tall, while most of the others are 1.5 inches or 2 inches high. Plus compounding the problem some of my favorite spices come in the squared larger bottles that are 2” wide.” And the glowing reviews abound. “I must say, previous 5-star reviews were definitely accurate,” raves another reviewer. “I was looking for a way to organize my kitchen cabinet and [this] was a perfect purchase. Not only have I cleared space in my cabinet but aesthetically, my kitchen looks like a chef’s kitchen.”

Our takeaway? If spice storage is a pain point that constantly trips you up in your kitchen, this tiered rack may be an investment worth making for you. Who knows — having all those spices front and center may even inspire you to be more adventurous in the kitchen!