F Is for Fancy Splurges

published Nov 27, 2017
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For some people, money is no object. For the rest of us, it is all the objects. Even still, sometimes, we want to go all out and spoil someone who is extra special or has been over-the-top helpful this past year. If you have a loved one who has gone above and beyond and you really (really) want to thank them, consider one of these fancy, splurgy gifts. And then give everyone else on your list a stick of gum and a hug.

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10 Splurges for Extra-Special People in Your Life (Image credit: The Kitchn)
  1. Daily Roller, $96 at George & Willy: We’re calling this a splurge because $96 is a lot of money to spend on something that’s going to be used for creating shopping lists, but it’s really also a piece of art for a kitchen — making the price tag not so bad.
  2. Triangle Hanging Planter, from $56 at Elizabeth Benotti Homemade Ceramics: For your aunt who seems to be out of room for any more plants, this ceramic planter can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling. Spend a couple more bucks and get a plant while you’re at it.
  3. Small Matchbox, $32 at Workshop The Granite: Give this to a frequent hostess who can never seem to find a lighter for her candles. The stripes are actually exposed porcelain, which act as a match striker.
  4. Neon Beech Wood + Rubber Mixing Spoons, $32 for three at Willful Goods: The super-bright neon dipping on these wooden spoons is actually a soft rubber (not paint), so they’ll be super comfy to hold while stirring and mixing.
  5. Galvin Copper Bread Knife, $100 at Unison: Have you ever seen a prettier bread knife? Your carb-loving friend will think it’s sharp, too.
  6. Double Handle Cutting Board, $95 at Hello Crisp: More than just an average bread or cheeseboard, this walnut beauty has two easy-to-hold handles, which make it great for serving.
  7. Skillet, from $195 at Blanc Creatives: If your mom loves her cast iron pan, she might be thrilled to try one of these hand-forged carbon steel skillets. Tell her to use it with meat, eggs, pancakes, or even fish.
  8. Hurom Rose Gold Slow Juicer, $459 at Crate & Barrel: Before you baulk at the price, think about how much some people spend at juice stores every year. Get a few people to go in on this with you — it’s one of the best (and sleekest) juicers on the market.
  9. Mara Marble Mortar & Pestle, $120 at Horne: A mortar and pestle is always a good gift for a newly serious home cook. And this one — made of marble with either a copper or brass accent — means business.
  10. One-O-One Flying to the Clouds, $80 from Acera: This gorgeous water bottle is made of a special ceramic material that’s said to purify the water and improve the taste of whatever is poured inside — whether that’s water, tea, coffee, beer, or wine.