The $14 Collapsible Water Bottle I Never Travel Without

published Sep 18, 2023
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Woman sleeping on airplane
Credit: Leren Lu/Getty Images

There’s a funny saying that’s made the rounds these last few years, and it goes a little something like this: Whatever you consume in an airport terminal doesn’t count. It takes the edge off the choices made under stress or complete abandon as planes come and go, like a margarita in the morning or dessert for dinner. But unfortunately, this “anything goes” philosophy extends to bottled water prices, too. The last time I paid for this necessity post-TSA, I thought about numbing the pain with said margarita. 

Quick Overview

A look at the Luuttle Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

  • Silicone collapsible water bottle that holds 20 ounces
  • Pushes down to about five inches tall when empty
  • Comes in eight colors, and costs just $14

I could turn this story into a manifesto for why water should be free in airports — not just at water fountains but in individual water bottles — and will say that it’s because the business of flying is terrible and everyone is being shaken down enough as it is (figuratively and literally). Water can calm stress. It can provide the strength required for trekking through terminals and lifting objects into overhead bins. It can keep 14B from overheating, and 7C from coughing. What you eat in airports may not count, but water certainly does. That’s why it’s wise to pack a reusable and collapsible water bottle in your carry-on bag. I’ve been using this one for my comings and goings over the last five years. 

What’s So Great About the Luuttle Collapsible Travel Water Bottle?

Let’s start with the obvious: Airport security won’t let you bring a full water bottle through its checkpoints, so you’ll be empty-handed if you go directly to your gate. A collapsible water bottle can be filled at a fountain on the way, which is commonly found next to the entrances of a restroom, and will save you the hassle of spending around $5 or more on a plastic variety. If you’re passing time at a restaurant, then you can probably pour a glass into this bottle, as long as you are quick on the draw — or if a waiter or waitress will do you a solid. 

Credit: Kelly Dawson

This $14 collapsible water bottle from Luuttle holds 20 ounces of water to keep you hydrated whether it’s a must or a good habit. It’s an impressive capacity for something that can be compressed down to about five inches when it’s empty. The canister is made of non-toxic silicone and is BPA-free, and comes with a stainless steel carabiner that can be attached to the side of a bag when not in use. It has a wide mouth that makes for an effortless pour, and comes in eight different colors to match any aesthetic. 

Unlike decanted liquids, this one has never leaked water if I’ve stored it with the rest of my belongings during a flight. And despite five years of traveling, it looks brand new. I’ve washed it in hotel bathrooms and Airbnb kitchens without incident, and then washed it at home for peace of mind before the next getaway. 

You can certainly use this water bottle every day, or during camping trips or park concerts where space is at a higher premium than economy seating, even though I use it most in transit. I also try to remember to take it with me if I’m doing a walking tour in the midst of a trip, but at least I know it’s there for what’s usually a vacation’s most complicated moment: getting in and out of an airport terminal.