Lunchtime Survey: What Recipes Do You Have Memorized?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re looking forward to our 8-Step Kitchen Cure, which starts March 20. We’re up to exactly 100 Cure commitments so far! There are themes emerging from your requests on what you’d like to learn during this Cure. One is that you are interested in improving your repertoire of easy weeknight recipes.

This made us curious about the recipes that you are already comfortable with – what recipes do you make so often that you have them memorized?

We have pretty much memorized the proportions for No-Time Bread and No-Knead Bread.

We can also make up gravies and sauces by feel and instinct. But we still consult recipes for most of our major cooking projects.

What do you have memorized, and what would you like to memorize so you can cook it off without a second’s thought?

(Image: Faith Hopler for The Kitchn. Vintage Betty Crocker cookbook.)