Lunchbox Memories: What Did Your Parents Pack for You?

Lunchbox Memories: What Did Your Parents Pack for You?

Emma Christensen
Apr 11, 2011

No matter what you pulled out of your lunchbox when you were a kid, it was bound to be embarrassing and totally un-cool, right? Now we can appreciate how tough it must have been for our moms and dads to pack lunches for us day in and day out. No wonder we sometimes wound up with things like peanut butter and spinach sandwiches. What was your typical lunch as a kid?

My parents were all about natural foods. I got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but they were on whole grain bread. I got chocolate chip cookies, but they were chunky and homemade.

As much as I love these things now, I was always mortified to lay them out on the lunch table when I was a kid. Even worse, no one would trade with me so I was stuck with whatever food was in my box. My best friend would occasionally take pity on me and let me nibble a bit of her Little Debbie Snack Cake. Oh, yes, it was terribly hard being me back in those days!

What kinds of foods did you find in your lunchbox?

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