Lunch Special: Tuna Fish Salad, Anyone?

Lunch Special: Tuna Fish Salad, Anyone?

Emma Christensen
Apr 12, 2010

Tuna fish gets a bad rap for smelling up shared kitchens and having no respect for cubicle walls. But still, tuna fish salad persists as one of the most popular lunch food items! What do you think makes the best tuna fish salad?

For the tuna itself, we think it's worth it to shell out the few extra pennies and buy solid white albacore tuna rather than "chunked." We also prefer the tuna packed in water rather than olive oil because we think it has a cleaner flavor, especially when buying a supermarket brand.

Over the years, we've started using less and less mayonnaise in our tuna salad. Too much mayo and the salad starts getting mushy, plus we like being able to actually taste the tuna. We use just enough mayo to hold it together, which for us is about one spoonful.

We also like a bit of crunch in our salad. Sometimes we use pickle relish, sometimes diced celery or shallot, and sometimes we just call it good with a handful of shredded iceberg lettuce. A teaspoon of capers and a squeeze of lemon round out the textures and flavors quite nicely.

And then we're done! We'll make sandwiches (no cheese for us!) or we mix it with greens and some diced apples for a simple salad.

As far as the smell goes, we find two things help: using higher quality tuna and making the tuna salad at home. It really seems like it's the empty cans that smell the most, so we drop them in the recycling on the way out the door rather than stinking up either the office kitchen or our own!

How do you like your tuna salad?

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