Low-Calorie Snack: Pickled Carrots

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do a search for low-calorie snacks and carrot sticks are sure to pop up at least a few times. They’re certainly healthy, but they just don’t do it for us and feel very much like “diet food.” But pickled carrots with a little spice? Now you’re talking.

We love it when Mexican restaurants deliver a little bowl of spicy pickled carrots and jalepeños to our table with the chips and salsa. Spicy, crunchy bonus!

The last time we ate them, we thought, why not keep a jar at home for easy snacking? You could make them Mexican style, or maybe use dill and garlic, or some Asian flavors – as with all pickling, there are endless flavoring possibilities.

We like to cut our carrots on the bias into thick slices and make some quick refrigerator pickles. They stay nice and crunchy and make a satisfying snack. You could even slice them into flowers for something extra special.

Here are a few pickled carrot recipes that we can’t wait to try: