Lovin’ Spoonfuls: Comfort Pudding

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our tips for ovenless Adrienne reminded us of the great article about pudding in the New York Times Magazine this past weekend. “Pudding,” says the author, is “a reminder that sometimes the comfort of a comfort food has less to do with eating than it does with cooking.”

We recently made chocolate pudding and that slow, easy stirring reminded us too that homemade pudding is just as good as the boxed instant gratification of Jell-O pudding, and that, in the end, it doesn’t take that much longer.

There are some excellent recipes in the article – recipes that just call out for cooking this week. Rice Pudding With Chai Spices and Saffron Apricots, Gianduja Pudding, and Hasty Pudding all sound like perfect comfort food. Also check out the great tip from Dorie Greenspan on using the food processor to lighten and smooth your puddings.

We already had plans to make Laurie Colwin’s sublime Lemon Rice Pudding this week, the one where the lemon peel literally melts away into the rice like tiny crystallized bits of pure lemon. Anyone want to join us in our pudding plans?