Love Coconut Oil? Try Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

published Apr 22, 2013
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Like many of you, I have fallen hard for coconut oil as of late. I love it in my scones, I love it over popcorn, I love it tossed with fresh steamed vegetables. And now here’s something new to fall in love with: coconut oil nonstick spray from Trader Joe’s. Oh, TJ’s, it’s like you read my mind.

I have kept a can of nonstick cooking spray in my cupboard ever since I started baking regularly. Nothing gets into the corners of a muffin tin or coats the sides of a bread pan quite so efficiently or evenly. Also, I tend toward laziness on this particular front. My feelings about canola oil are fairly neutral, and lacking many other options, this is the spray I’ve used for years.

So I can’t help but be excited for this coconut oil spray. Another option! Also, coconut oil! Love! It coats pans just as nicely as my other sprays and doesn’t typically leave much of a discernable taste in foods. I sometimes taste a hint of coconut in the heel slices of bread loaves, but haven’t noticed it anywhere else. Its nonstick powers are definitely up to par.

If you’re looking for a better nutritional option than the average nonstick spray, I’m afraid this coconut oil spray isn’t a total win. It contains four ingredients: organic coconut oil, soy lecithin, natural flavors, and propellant (no chlorofluorocarbons). If you want a 100% pure coconut oil product, it’s probably best to rub a spoonful of regular coconut oil into your pans before baking.

Have you tried this coconut oil spray yet? What do you think of it?