My Mom Can’t Grocery Shop Without Someone Asking Where She Got These “Fabulous” Organizers (They’re So Smart!)

published May 10, 2024
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empty Lotus Trolley Bags in cart outside store
Credit: Susan Fish

I’ve learned a whole lot from my mom — not just how to save water while washing dishes, or how to make fresh flowers last longer. But the most significant in my day-to-day? Definitely the importance of being organized in every aspect of my life. And, of course, whenever I get a chance, I try to repay her for everything she’s given me. So when I saw a product that combined her two greatest loves (aside from my father) — organization and food — I knew it was a match made in heaven. But I had no idea how much she’d really love the gift!

Credit: Susan Fish

The Lotus Trolley Bags have totally revolutionized the way my parents grocery shop. They come in a set of four heavy-duty, reusable bags — including one insulated freezer bag — that are designed to hang directly on the sides of standard U.S. shopping carts. They attach to one another but you can de-velcro them to use individually, too, and the three non-insulated ones have mold-resistant mesh bottoms. Plus, each one can hold up to 50 pounds!

“The bag system allows you to shop and essentially pack your groceries as you go,” my mom, Susan, says. “I’m able to sort my green or chilled items together as I walk through the store, so they can be rung up and then easily placed back in the appropriate Lotus bag.” With additional pockets on the inside and outside of each bag for smaller items or grocery lists, they also roll up for tight storage in the back of the car. The smartest part? They’re totally washable so you don’t have to worry about what your cart saw before you grabbed it. 

Credit: Susan Fish

“They’re also perfect for isolating items that need insulation or chilling for a long drive home, or separating and grouping dry items that require less space.” My mom says she gets stopped almost every time she goes to the grocery store and people ask where they’re from — she never fails to tell them how “fabulous” they are.

But they’re not just great for in-store grocery shopping. She gushes about how easy they are to pick up and put in the back of the car once she’s checked out, and then for unpacking once she gets home. “The whole system is so incredibly functional, and the best part is that you reuse the bags — minimizing effort and impact on the environment.”

Credit: Susan Fish

I’ve been on my parents’ case for a few years now about bringing reusable shopping bags to the store for their near-daily grocery trips, and the Lotus trolley bags have finally made it happen. I’m so glad such a simple gift has made such an impact on my mom’s daily life, and is now a Fish family staple. Guess I’ll need to get a set for my dad and brother now, too!

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