Lots of Spots for Outdoor Dining

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Being prepared to eat outdoors at any number of locations around your house, apartment, or neighborhood means you’re ready for some fun casual dining no matter what mood strikes you or what the great outdoors may send your way. Super hot? Beat the heat by having lunch in a shady spot. Feeling like horsing around? Choose an open area where you can play some games before the food’s ready:

  • stoop: The front stoop is a place to eat a casual bite that you’ve prepped inside. Be prepared for neighbors coming and going to stop and have a chat (and maybe a bite) with you.
  • porch: Like the stoop, the porch is a more public place to eat a bite outdoors and possibly end up having an impromptu get-together with neighbors.
  • balcony: The balcony’s more private and can make for quite the romantic outdoor meal in the evening.
  • park: The park is the ideal place for an afternoon picnic where you want to get active and play some games before chow time, or just read a book or people-watch.
  • deck or patio: Generally located at the rear of the house, these locations are for private parties where you’re probably grilling out.

Do you eat outdoors in a different location in the morning than in the evening? We find we’re always chasing the shade when it comes to eating outside in the heat of the summer.