The $9 Tea Accessory That Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With

published Feb 5, 2020
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Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a loose-leaf tea person but haven’t been able to figure out how to make the transition from the ease of pre-bagged tea to the Wild West of steeping mechanisms. Are you nodding along? As someone who goes through two or three tea bags per day (and hates tossing them into landfills), I’m definitely nodding!

To solve this extremely minor problem in the grand scheme of problems, I turned to the shoppers of Amazon to see what tea stuff customers are into. The answer? Very matter-of-factly NOT a tea ball (which can be quick to come loose and leak leaf particles throughout your cup).

Instead, the most highly reviewed tea accessory on ALL of Amazon is this House Again Extra Fine Mesh Tea Ball Strainer.

Credit: Amazon

Buy: House Again Extra Fine Mesh Tea Ball Strainer, $9

This tea strainer is made of food-grade stainless steel that is worked into an extra fine mesh so “no tea grounds escape,” solving the most common loose-leaf tea pain point. This means you can fill it with literally any type of tea, not just large or medium leaf, and the risk of seepage is extremely low. (Users even comment that the mesh is fine enough to brew coffee with!)

It’s two-inches in diameter and has an extendable hanging chain with a hook to attach to most tea pots and mugs. Perhaps most practical of all, you can compost your loose leaf tea remains, and toss this gadget in the dishwasher when you’re done. Voila, this will officially make you a Loose Leaf Tea Person.

Here’s what some Amazon shoppers who gave the gadget 5-stars have to say.

“This has been a wonderful addition to my collection. I’ve got a few types of loose-tea infusers, but none were working well for a new tea with really fine particles. After a gigantic swig filled with tea leaves, I settled on this as a solution. It’s great for keeping small particles inside the infuser. Easy to clean, easy to use, seems durable. Looking forward to lots of tea with this new toy!”

“I grow my own teas, natural, organic, and flavorful. But finding a simple infuser able to fit into a cup or kettle, hold enough for an entire pot, and one that would not leave pieces of tea leaves behind, was a challenge! This infuser has met all my challenges! No kettle has been found that is too small to drop it into the fill opening, no tea leaves floating in the tea to embarrass me when I serve it to guests, and it is small enough to infuse a single cup. I find it the perfect size, easy to use and clean and well made in every way. Simplicity, and the satisfaction of a perfect cup of tea has won again.”

“I purchased this because yet another tea ball broke. This has a screw-on lid for secure closure. It’s larger than I thought. I can fit twice the amount than the standard tea ball holds … With so many things being so low quality, this infuser was a pleasant surprise. I’d give this as a gift. It also can be used to infuse a soup with herbs that one doesn’t want in the final product. I may use it with bay leaves next time I make a stock.”

What do you use to brew loose-leaf tea?