Looking Good! Sweet Paul Magazine Issue #1

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are absolutely enamored with this new magazine from Paul Lowe, the mastermind behind the Sweet Paul blog. It’s everything we want in a magazine, food-related or otherwise: good writing, a mix of articles, and stunning photography. Oh, and did we mention the magazine is online, downloadable, and completely free?

Although it’s an online magazine, Sweet Paul follows much the same format as a print magazine. There are two page spreads, a table of contents, and a progression of featured content. Unlike a print magazine, however, you can reformat the text on your screen to see one page or two pages at a time, follow embedded links to product pages, or search the whole magazine for specific key words. And as we mentioned last week, it looks amazing on the iPad.

The magazine has much the same feel as the Sweet Paul blog, but both the content and the layout feel more organized, cohesive, and polished. The feature on ramps gave us some new ideas for using this spring green during its very brief season. We also can’t wait to try the recipe for Amaretto-Baked French Toast with Pecans or the featured “Happy Dish” of sticky oven-baked ribs! The photos of these dishes alone had us wiping drool from our chins.

Besides straight food content, Sweet Paul dips into entertaining tips (there’s a brilliant one for using old Christmas ornament boxes), product recommendations, and some very inspiring kid- and pet-centric content. Throughout all the articles, the tone is light, welcoming, and encouraging.

And did we mention the photography is gorgeous? Though we might be a bit biased since one of the photographers is our former goddess of Kitchen Tours Sabra Krock!

Definitely take a minute to check out this magazine. If this is the future of online digital publishing, we’re loving it.

Sweet Paul Magazine: Delicious Spring! (Issue #1) from Sweet Paul

(Image: Sweet Paul)