Looking Good: Chicken Noodle Soup with Curry & Spinach

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love soups that are improvised from whatever is around in a cook’s cupboards. They’re so frugal and satisfying, and often delicious in unexpected ways. But that’s not what drew us to this soup: It just looks dang good.

Sarah of the brand-new food blog Cattelia threw this quick chicken noodle soup together, bypassing some of the things she doesn’t like in chicken soup for others that she is very much in favor of. Things like curry powder, and handfuls of green spinach.

We love the way it all looks, and the way that she frugally used up what was in her cupboard — including bouillon cubes. We might want to make this with chicken stock, but hey, if that’s what you have around, use it! It also made us curious about your preferred mix-ins for chicken noodle soup. What do you like in your chicken soup? Greens? Tiny pasta? Traditional carrots and celery? Ginger?

It’s a great-looking soup; we might have to whip some up tonight!

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(Image: Sarah of Cattelia)