Looking For: The Very Best Toffee in the Country!

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

Our boss, Maxwell, is on a hunt. He is looking for the very, very best toffee in the country. A recipe would be great, but we’re also looking for a great commercial source — somewhere that makes artisan-quality, incredibly yummy holiday toffee. Do you have a tip for us?

We love toffee, and for a few different reasons we’d like to find the very best sort in the country. Do you have a certain brand you swear by or that you order every year? Do you have any recommendations for small, artisan-quality companies that make a batch we could order? Pictured above, from left to right:

English Butter Toffee, from Lands’ End
English Toffee, from Carousel Candies
Vosges Toffee, from Neiman Marcus

(Images: Lands’ End, Carousel Candies, Neiman Marcus)

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