Looking for Sustainable Seafood? Check Your Local Big-Box Store

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’ve checked out the seafood selection at your local Target or Walmart lately, you may have noticed a growing number of packages with a blue Marine Stewardship Council label, which indicates the seafood is from a certified sustainable fishery.

But what exactly does that label mean?

MSC tracks seafood through the chain of fisheries, processors, distributors and retailers that take it from the sea to our plates. Fisheries must meet their rigorous standards in order to be certified sustainable and receive the blue MSC label, which signifies seafood that has been responsibly caught in a way that doesn’t contribute to over-fishing.

Target has already revamped its seafood department, selling over 50 types of certified sustainable products. The chain hopes to carry only sustainable or traceable seafood by 2015. Walmart is aiming to make the same change by June of this year; currently almost 75 percent of seafood carried by the mega-retailer is certified sustainable.

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What do you think? Will this change affect how you shop for seafood?

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