Portable, Filling, Cheap and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas?

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Q: I’m a grad student on a tight budget and schedule, trying to lose some weight. I leave for school fairly early in the morning.

Could you recommend some healthy brunch recipes that I can pack and take to school, and that will pretty much last me till it’s time for my early dinner? Thanks!

Sent by Roh

Editor: Roh, wow! So you want portable, filling, cheap, AND nutritious breakfast food? (We can only assume you also want it to be tasty?) Fortunately, the almighty egg is cheap and nutritious, as well as tasty and filling. Our primary suggestion is some sort of egg and vegetable casserole, baked the night before and cut up into big wedges that you can eat wrapped in a napkin or in a Tupperware. Here’s an egg casserole with sun-dried tomatoes you can adapt with your own mix-ins. To keep it lower-calorie, leave out the cheese and sausage, and substitute more vegetables.

You can also bake egg casseroles in muffin cups for an even easier grab-and-go portion.

OK, take it away, readers! What are your favorite portable, filling, cheap, and nutritious breakfast recipes?

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