Look! Trash Chutes in the Countertop

published May 9, 2013
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We’ve shared our love for garbage bowls before, but that devotion may only be because we don’t have this: a trash chute built right into the countertop! The idea behind a garbage bowl is to have somewhere to toss yours scraps while you’re cooking, so how convenient to be able to just slide them into a hole and send them right into the trash or compost bucket below!

This is another variation: instead of a full trash can below the countertop, this garbage bowl fits snugly into the countertop. When you’re done with your food prep and cleanup, just pull it out and empty it. But you still get the “slide it over and into the hole” effect.

Do you have a countertop trash chute in your kitchen?

(Images: 1. Cultivate; 2. Blanco Solon via Houzz)